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Week 2 completed - yay!

Did my last run of week 2 this morning. Hard to believe I have completed 2 weeks already! Today's run was a bit of a struggle (feeling the effects of a tiring day yesterday), but I managed to keep telling myself I could do it and finished each run stage. Feeling a bit anxious about week 3 - just want to get on with it so I know what I'm up against!

Things to take forward from the first 2 weeks:

1) Take it slow

2) Break each run down into manageable, mental chunks

3) Believe in the programme - from what others say it obviously works.

Thanks, and good luck, to all the posters who have helped me get this far!

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Well done. I'll hopefully be following you in graduating from week 2 on Friday morning. Run two today wasn't too bad and I'm getting to grips with pushing myself mentally to complete each section as well as the breathing. Looking forward to seeing your posting on week 3.


Thanks - and well done to you too, sounds as if everything's falling into place with your runs! Yeah, weak 3 - ooeer!!


Well done Hennith. Keep going. I'm finding w2 not too bad. Actually looking forward to the runs. Can't wait to do w2r3 tomorrow or Friday.


We are at the same stage. Worst thing I have found is pumping myself up to go out in the awful weather of the last two weeks ! Have had some knee pain but bought a hot/cold compress & that has really helped.

I work a 12 hr shift pattern so it's a little difficult to keep to a structure going but enjoying it so far.

Good luck.


Congrats on getting through week 2! I also always have to tell myself to get through each section - as long as I focus it does work. You will definitely get through week 3, although it's a step up have faith that the program was designed in a way to make sure it's all doable :)


Thanks to you all for your encouragement! I did W3R1 this morning and found it OK. The programme's obviously working - can't believe now how I struggled with the 1 minute runs on W1R1!

Keep at it everyone, especially Chubbylad - impressed that you can juggle the programme AND shifts!


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