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First week done, Not feeling great

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So I started my first week this week and finished the third run today.

First run was okay but got a stitch half way through, had a headache at the end due to dehydration, and my legs were aching for the next two days. The second of which I was doing my second run which, surprisingly, went quite well. Felt a stitch coming on again halfway but it subsided this time and actually felt really good about the run. It was already around a minute faster than the first day's average.

Today however, when I did my final run of the week, the start felt fine, but once again got a stitch halfway through, and was slower from there than the last run. I didn't feel great when I got back and actually felt a bit dazed. On the upside, my legs are feeling okay now.

All in all, I'm happy I've completed my first week, but it is going to be hard going for the next 8 weeks if I continue to get a stitch halfway through.

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Make sure you are well hydrated... every day and not just run days... and take it really slowly...:)

In these first few week, all sorts happen! We hold ourselves tense.. we try too hard, we go too fast, we hold our breath!

Relax and take it steadily..if you get the stitch, stop.... and try these tips:)

You are going to be fine:)


I had a problem with hydration earlier in the year, I kept getting headaches a lot, but started drinking more and have been fine since then.

I was able to power through the stitch on my first run, but had to slow down on the third. Is it a good idea to stop all together? That would affect my progress on the run.

I think I've been breathing okay. The biggest problem for me is that always have a half blocked nose, but I am trying to breathe normally through my mouth most of the time. I also think because of how cold it is now, it's giving me a runny nose after my first run, which is very annoying to deal with. :(

I had a look at the link. The tips are very helpful. My first run, I had a banana half an hour beforehand and got a stitch. Second run, I didn't have anything to eat more than 2 hours beforehand and nearly got a stitch, but I did the same for the third run and got a stitch again. Like it says, I need to experiment. I will definitely be trying the last tip for breathing on the opposite side!

Probably doesn't help that I'm very unfit going into this. :)

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It is tricky... I just breathe.....nose, mouth, whatever, and very noisily!

I get dreadful sinus issues too,,, real forehead ache...Try a Buff...great for keeping the cold out of your nose and mouth!

Just take it steady and experiment... you will get there:)

At risk of sounding stupid... what's a Buff?

I need to take a tissue with me just in case. It's as if I've got a mini cold!

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Stops draughts, wind, rain and snow, I have them instead of a scarf... not just for running..many of us love them for winter runs!

I always have a large glass of squash or water before running I think that helps πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ and have increased my water a lot since I started running

I started doing that from the second run which helped a lot and I didn't have a headache by the end.

How long before a run would it be ideal to have a drink? I don't want to be able to feel it while running. :)

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I'm no expert but I drink about 10 mins before I run. There's others on here far more knowledgeable than me. I've only been a graduate for 4 weeks 😊

It does get easier.


Hydrate today for tomorrow's run. Drink a minimum of two litres per day, probably more as your exercise levels increase.

To stop a stitch, slow down and breathe deeply.

C25K is not about powering through but gently building stamina along with your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Pushing hard at this stage increases your risk of injury and will not hugely increase your physical development.

Well done on getting started, you won't regret it.

As others have said, you are probably breathing too shallowly. When you feel a stitch, consciously take a few slow, deep breathes, really letting your lungs fill and swell. It’s like magic.

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