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Week 8 completed :)

I had to have a few days break before completing week 8 - we've been doing a bit of rearranging the house and I spent a few days building bunk beds, dismantling, moving and reassembling two giant Ikea PAX wardrobes and moving approximately 2.7million toys up to the new playroom. Somehow, during all this, I strained a hamstring. Nothing serious but I didn't want to run on it.

So, yesterday, after 3 days of looking after my leg I decided all was well, I took it easy for run 3, covered exactly 4km in the 28 minutes and finished feeling great - week 9 here I come :)

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Well done Rolyat. Nearly there!


Well done Amanda, I think all that work counts as cross training! Not long to graduation.


Well done, and greta time too!


well done and oooooooo so close - exciting times! plus you got lots of jobs done around the house which is great and makes you feel good to! brilliant times for your 4k, glad your leg is feeling better x

enjoy week 9 and your graduation :) you deserve it x


Well done Rolyat - you must almost be able to see that Graduation badge twinkling in the distance now! Btw - very sensible to wait for the hamstring to settle.


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