W9 R3 - I bloody nailed it!!!!!!!!!

Just got back and I've done it! I've completed week 9! Best still I enjoyed the run, it felt like my best one yet! I even sped up for the last 60 seconds!!!! To all the doubters, this programme works, I did not believe for one second that I would be able to run for 30 minutes 9 weeks ago, not even as I progressed through the weeks, if anything the closer it got the more I doubted my ability to do it but I was determined to give it my best shot! I gasped through week one and considered myself sooo unfit! But here I am, a runner!!! I am buzzing!!!!

I did this for my angel baby boy, Charlie who I know is right there with me on every run!!! Mummy did it Charlie!!



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24 Replies

  • What a wonderful blog - well done angelmummy! Thanks for posting, it gives me hope as I nervously anticipate the rest of week 5. :-)

  • We all need inspiration from somewhere.

    Well done on copleting this great programme.

  • Fantastic! well done - keep on running now - all the best :-)

  • well done! :)

  • Well done for getting through the run and finishing the programme.

  • Congratulations - make sure you get your nice badge :-)

  • Well done, what a fantastic achievement. I am doing w9r1 tomorrow and would have never believed it was possible when I was struggling with week 1. I am amazed how brilliant this programme is and reading success stories like yours makes me want to continue to spread the word

  • I always love the W9R3 blogs, well done and congratulations! You are the earlier weeks inspiration. thanks

  • Well done angelmummy... you did it!! Glad it was a good run too :)

  • Congratulations! Keep on running... :-)

  • Well done you its a great achievement.

  • Well done you!!!!!

  • :) Well doe! It's such an amazing feeling getting to this stage isn't it.....when we start the progamme we never believe we'll be able to run for 30 minutes.

    So what's next for you?

  • Thanks! I'm going to keep at 30 mins three times a week! Hopefully with a view to get faster as I'm not doing 5k in those 30 mins, yet! I am signed up for a 4k fun run in Oct (raising money for Sands in my angel's memory) so would be good to get around the course without making it look too hard lol....

  • Well done angelmummy, I knew you would do it!!

    Hope you feel as chuffed as I do and a massive huge well done to you xx

  • Thanks andy, well done to you too!!!

  • Well done! Love your motivation...mine's nearly three and kisses my aching legs better! Congratulations!

  • Congratulations on completing the programme! :D

  • Congratulations on your green badge!! :D xxx

  • Congratulations on finishing. Loved reading how you've done this...I was an unbeliever and still doubt each run is going to happen. Had been feeling unmotivated today but you've inspired me to get out there and get the buzz back :D

  • Congrats!! I am just about to do week 6 part 3 (25 min run) I am scared but really want to get to where you are, well done!!

  • Congratulations, Angelmummy. You are a star. You express the doubts that I'm feeling at the moment, so it's brilliant to hear that it can be done. Keep today's feeling forever!!!

  • Well done, Angelmummy! So glad to see you made it!

    Enjoy polishing that green badge!

  • Congratulations and thank you for your very beautiful words. I'm sure that by October your feet will have sprouted wings and you'll find those 4k fly by. Good luck with your post-grad running.

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