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W9 R3 ........i DID IT!!


I began C25K 9 weeks ago really not sure if I could do it.

2 years ago I ruptured my Achilles tendon, my other tendon was in a bad way too.In January this year I decided I had to do something to lose the extra 5 stone I was carrying.

I downloaded the podcasts,listened to a couple and thought I would give it a go.I thought I could always take it slow, and planned to do each run twice.

W1 R1 was tough.I focused on Laura and somehow completed it. My tendons were feeling ok so I moved on to the next run.

W6 R2 was my toughest run, lots of advice on the forum made me realise I could do this.Best bit of advice was to slow things down, and it really helped.

So tonight I did my last run and I am so happy!!

My goals from now on are to get to 5k and to speed up,I have downloaded the next lot of podcasts to help me.I am a treadmill runner and am very worried about taking the running outside as the impact may not be good for my tendons,but I will give it a go at some point.

Good luck to everyone on this amazing journey, and I can honestly say,if I can do it anyone can.Just listen to your body(and Laura,of course),take your time,hydrate well,and keep it slow :)

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Congratulations! There's quite a bit of advice on here about converting to run outside but my own experience is to run much slower than you do on the treadmill. For some reason when I started running outside I set off like a rocket because there is no control over your speed and then of course you tire much more quickly. Now go get your badge!

hellebGraduate in reply to Khrissy

Thank you, I do like the fact the treadmill keeps you at a steady pace.However spring must be on the way at some point and it will be lovely to get outside.Thanks for your advice.


Congratulations!! Great achievement :-)

It's great running outside- I hope as a graduate :-) you're able to make that step.

Maybe some springy inserts for your trainers may help? But as khrissy says , others have experienced the same worry as you on here so may want to take a look.

Keep running and get that shiny green well earned graduate badge!!

Ali :-)

Very well done. Enjoy your achievement.

Congratulations on finishing the program, well done! :) Hopefully you'll get to running outside some day. Good luck with the next lot of podcasts.

Congratulations helleb :)


Welcome to the world of graduatedom! :) Well done. It is particularly cheering to see that someone with achilles tendon problems has got right through the program successfully.


Congratulatoins on your graduation :)

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