W7 Runs 1&2 with 'iffy' Lycra!

So, last week (6) I found the runs really tough, to the point where the not-so-little couch potato devil on my shoulder urged me to wobble back off to the sofa and not move.... oh boy was I tempted!!

But, I took myself off to Lidl to check out their 'sporting essentials' and came away with some new capri bottoms to cheer myself up.

Armed in new said Lycra bottoms I gave the OH a twirl and set out for W7R1 yesterday morning (still on the treadmill in the garage).... Imagine my horror at finding they are not quite as supportive as my trusty Nike capri bottoms!! With every shuffling footstep I could feel my buttocks slapping the treadmill behind me. Talk about off putting :D

But I shuffled my way through and was more than glad when Laura told me it was time to walk again.

Had the same problem tonight with R2, can still feel my buttocks bouncing around but ploughed on regardless. It was a lot tougher to run after work, I usually run in a morning but this week is going to be a bit topsy turvey so needed to squeeze a run in tonight.

I like the idea of running and I like the feeling after doing a run, it's the bit in the middle I'm having difficulty with lol. I hope it will become a little easier..

For now I will have to hope the hidden Kenyan on the inside is fighting back!!

Roll on R3... no, really!!



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14 Replies

  • I know the feeling... I'm still wearing my Sainsbury's capri's and they are less than supportive along with being very non-wicking! I too am very conscious of 'cheeks slapping'!! I'm due to do W7R3 tomorrow so we'll be bouncing along together!! Have just ordered some 'proper' running gear so fingers crossed the movement in that area will be minimised in future...

  • Haha I've just come back from Lidl, I bought a skort for running on holiday cos my leggings would be far too hot. Only problem is (don't you dare laugh) I'll have to shorten it!!!!

  • Oh that's tickled me :) Sorry!!

  • Tee hee.. that's brilliant. :-) Happy shortening, I hope it is at least as supportive as you expect it to be. :-)

  • I found my Lidls skort quite comfortable - although it did confuse me when I went to the loo:

    Lift skirt...oh no, that won't work...have to remember they are really shorts....

  • Good running gear is sooo important, isn't it? I started off with a pair of £5 Tesco trainers and jogging bottoms that slipped down with every step I took. Good thing it happened on the treadmill, at least I wasn't constantly hitching them up in the street! (Imagine the sight! :-0) So glad to see that you are sticking to the program so well, I think the first few minutes are always hard, until you get into a good rythm. You go woman! You're rocking it right now! :-)

  • You'll probably find you can get better quality for not much more expense at Sports Direct - I'm really happy with my Karrimor running capris (not too much wobble !)

  • I love my Karrimor gear from Sports Direct - such a bargain! Paid £8/£10 for the capris then decided I wanted some full length running tights - £3.90!!! (extra reduction for some reason). Can be a little see through if you bend over but a long t-shirt sorts that. Really comfortable, cool, good wicking and don't budge when running.

    Ok, advert over lol.

  • Wow, if only I had to be concerned with a jiggly bum. When I run, I can feel the flab on my arms, belly and thighs wobble like big bowls of gelatin with every step that I run. I don't try to hide it. My thought is why should I be self-conscious now AFTER I had let myself get so overweight. If I was truly self-concerned about my health, fitness and looks, I wouldn't have weighed 200 pounds when I started this program (lost 26 lbs. thus far). Nowadays, I am proud to show that I big girls can get fit, and that at almost 50 years of age, it's never too late look and feel the best you ever have. So, my mantra right now is, "Let the jelly roll while I do my stroll."

  • I slowed down at a junction this morning to let a jogger get across the road without having to slow her pace down. I know how much I appreciate drivers doing this for me these days. She was a big girl, wearing her leggings and runners top with pride, whats more she had the most beautiful smile for me cos I let her across. It made me feel proud to think, yes I'm like you, I can jog too. :) For me size, age, speed is not what counts, its that you are doing something to make sure your good health continues. I come back from a run and just can't wait for my rest day to be over to get out there again. Lycra and go faster cap and all :)

  • Really enjoyed reading about your experience - thank you for making me smile

  • Great blog. I'm on week 6 and finding the going tough too! I think the rest of the programme is going to be as challenging for me as the first half was. I just need an extra helping of self belief. On the subject of running capris, I find mine so supportive but couldn't wear them without my long t shirt to cover my bum!!!

  • I found week 6 really tough after the high of week 5, but I just did W7R3 this morning with my own music (a bit more up tempo) and can honestly this was probably the best shuffle along I've had in 2 weeks. Remember, we CAN do this!! Good luck for your next run :)

  • I still like the idea of running and having run more than I like the actual running ...for the most part. Every so often I do get a "Forrest Gump" moment though and they are wonderful.

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