Couch to 5K

Wk 1, runs 2 + 3

Whew! This running lark doesn't just test your body does it? It really tests one's mind. My run 2 was really hard work! Same course, same timing (rubbish weather) but the biggest hurdle was my negativity. I was really aware, all during the run of my nasty little critic sitting on my shoulder crowing at me "You'll never keep this up! You give up on everything, your legs are tired, why don't you just stop?". I swear that combating that voice is every bit as hard as the physical fatigue. Why I should be surprised is a mystery to me cos I', a CBT therapist and negative thinking is bread and butter to me but it got me hooked! I did complete the run but it felt so much harder than run 1.

Taking that learning though I was determined to drown out that voice on run 3. I concentrated on the positives:- lovely morning, birdsong, feeling more alive, congratulating myself for achieving every step and, lo and behold, I ran 5 minutes faster! Week 2, here I come!

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Well done on completing w1. I think we have all been there where the mental challenge is tougher than the physical. You just need to believe!

Good luck with w2


Cheers! started week 2 yesterday. Tough, but manageable!


Well done you, you're doing the right thing, looking at ALL positives, fresh air, bird song, sun on you're face (sometimes :-) ), the more I've begun to appreciate this, the more inspired I am to keep going and get fit.


Well done on getting through it. I find I struggle with negative thinking too but I get through it by thinking of how I will feel at the end of the run... and the next one... and so on.

Good luck with week 2



I started week 2 today and can't believe the difference 30 seconds made!! However I finished the run and WILL be back for more on Thursday. If I can anyone can. So well done you!!


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