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Pants run!

Oh gosh I have just looked back at my last few blogs ( I don't post that often) and it seems I only write a blog whan I want to have a good old moan! I had a wonderful run in the pouring rain on thursday did 3 miles in 38 mins and could have kept going so I couldn't wait to get out on Sunday (it would have been daturday but I had other committmnets). It was nice and cool but not raining. Anyway it was bloody awful! Places on my body were hurting that have never hurt before, I felt stiff, achey, lumbering, old, fat, the bloody lot!!!! It felt like I was running through treacle (anyone have those awful dreams where you are trying desperately to run away from something and your legs are like lead ,wading though treacle?) Oy! I only managed 30 mins and 2.4 miles. I had planned to run 3 miles but I had to force myself to keep going to 30 minute mark. My ankles hurt (they have never hurt!) and my feet went numb (this has occassionally happened before). I had slept well, more than usual and it was late morning when usually I run after a full days' work, so in theory I should have had more energy. Can't work out what went wrong! Ahhh! It has wrecked my confidence about going out again. Just when I was thinking of braving a Parkrun soon. I was trying to get closer to the 30 min mark for 5k before I braved it so I am trying to work on my speed.

Also does everyone still always observe the rest day rule post graduating? My non C25K running friends often run every day if they can..

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Sounds like a couple of bad runs. Hard to deal with but we all have them from time to time. You have also got to remember you did run for 30 mins...think back to when that sounded so awesome...that's because it is! So the fact you didn't do 3 miles. so what you still did 30 mins / 2.4 miles...way better than sitting on the couch.

I found that after a few bad runs that taking a couple of extra days worked for me but we are all different.

Good luck with the next run :)


I've also had a couple of bad runs recently, so took a couple more days off. Went back with a belly full of fire, it really helped me.

Well done to you for keeping going. That's what runners are made of, surely! :-)

Re the rest days, I also seem to be the odd one out by doing rest days in between. I think this is where it becomes so imortant to listen to your body. Maybe start with very short runs on your current rest days and build it up gradually?

Good luck, keep going!


I do rest from run days, but do power-walking or hiking on the off days. I am not overly in love with running yet, so this way keeps me interested and not burnt out.


Thanks guys, have decided to rest a few days. I don't know if I am slightly below par as my glands are a bit up and my joints still ache 2 days later!


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