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Park Run


I know I graduated 2 weeks ago but I am nowhere near doing a Park Run. My best distance is 1.8 miles in 33 mins, but guess what I don’t care, I’m 59 and running for the first time.

I didn’t do my normal Saturday run cos it was raining (big mistake), so this morning off I set, some days are harder than others but today wasn’t too bad, quite pleased with myself, hit the 1 mile mark, then it’s the harder bit of a hill and then finally on the last bit I try to push myself to run a bit further than last time. Shit I’d forgotten about the 5k run, bloody hell there were hundreds of them, even pushing kids in buggies, dogs galore and kids about 10 running at least 30 mph. Then to top it off if another one of them had said “don’t give up luvee” they would have been dragging me to the cop shop for GBH. Rant over, getting drunk tonight

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Hi AV,

I am today going to graduate hopefully, so not a expert, but I really don’t think it matters what you can or cannot do on a Parkrun - that’s the whole point. I am sure that there is every type and ability of person there. I am 44 and run 4.5k in 30 mins and am struggling to get my pace up to the 5k in 30 - I will do it, but it may just take a bit of time. If I were you, I would not be worried or nervous, get down to the park, walk for 5 mins, run where you can and walk the rest. After that, you will have YOUR time which you can then challenge yourself to beat if you choose. I really hope this gives you some encouragement, you have done a great thing, long may it continue!!


Lol! You have really made me chuckle! - I would have felt the same,- much grrr!

I am 59 too & have not yet been to a Parkrun- I’ve just restarted after an injury so I am not even thinking about them...for now....but eventually when I feel ready I will. 😃


I'm curious about the parkruns but doubly nervous, too. There isn't one in my town so I'd have to travel to get to one which would make the whole thing even more nerve-wracking. But after having checked out the results page, I was pleasantly surprised to see around 300 people took part, the last people were over the 1 hour mark and there was even a gentleman in the 80-84 age range who completed it. So I'm going to have to overcome my anxieties and get there in November time because I really do want to give it a go.

Your post made me laugh. I didn’t run this Saturday because of the same reason, I was worried that they would think I was taking part!

That said, I really think everyone is supportive of each other’s running whether they are young/old, fat or thin, tall/short etc etc. You’re out there running, it doesn’t matter about time or distance, that will all come but you’re doing it.

I think a lot of us are self conscious that we’re running slowly, not very far, look silly, unfit, we’re not good enough but we’re doing this to ourselves. A lot of other people either don’t care or are really supportive that your out there giving it a go.

I want to do a Parkrun at some stage, it’s only me that’s stopping myself so I need to get over it as I know it will be a good thing, encourage/develop my running and who knows I might actually meet some friends too 😊

Good luck.


Lol. It doesn't matter how long it takes it who crosses the line before you. It's YOU who's important. Walk, run, jig or cartwheel. Each time you'll get better. The atmosphere at the park runs are great. Enjoy the Saturday morning run. Then the Saturday evening beers ;-)

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