Graduation Run

Graduation Run

I did it, I did it, I bloody well did it :) Week 9 Run 3 completed seconds before it started to hail yesterday. Managed to cover 4.28k in the 30 mins so will now focus on my speed to get that up to 5k. Any tips anyone? Off to claim my graduation badge which I will wear with great pride. Thanks to everyone for your support through the programme and to anyone just starting out, keep going, it is soooooo worth it!


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  • Congratulation that's a great distance for the 30 mins, have you downloaded the three C25k+ podcasts? they will help you with speed, but first I would just keep adding to your distance till you get to 5k and then work on the speed. Again well done

  • No I haven't I best to start with"stepping stones" or go straight on to "speed"?

  • Try Stepping Stones first - as far as I remember it's a sort of introduction to running to a beat, and 30 minutes in total. Speed is only 16 minutes or so, but requires you to run a bit quicker in one minute intervals. Stamina is 40 minutes at a moderate pace. Once you have tried the three you might want to alternate them (or Stamina and Speed at least).

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I finished a few days ago and was running at roughly the same speed as you. To build up my speed to reach the 5k in half hour, I'm repeating the program from week one, but increasing my speed to 10kph (from my original 7.5 kph). I'm still running for half an hour at my slower speed 3 x a week but 2 days a week I'm also repeating at the faster speed. Hope that makes sense.

  • That's an interesting idea, how's it working? Do you walk the "walk sections" or jog at a slower pace?

  • It's going really well, although I'm really noticing the difference in speed! I still walk at the same pace as before to give myself chance to recover. I trusted the program last time and it worked fantastically, so am doing the same again but running a little faster. It feels oddly good to actually 'run' rather than jog slower, but I'm still in the early stages and might change my tune when I'm running for longer stretches!

  • Well done on completing the programme. I completed a couple of weeks ago but my final run I did 35 mins and covered the 5k. So now I have a 5k run that I know I am just sticking with that and I'm improving my time. Just take it easy and you will get there. All the best x

  • Thanks Snats, that is a good idea. I have worked out where the 5k point is and next time I'll keep going till I'm there. Then I'll know how much time I need to shave off to get to 5k in 30 mins

  • Congratulations! Even your doggie looks ecstatic! Good luck going forward :-)

  • I thought it adequately represented how I felt! Actually my sister's dog but he's a beauty.

  • I think you can use any/all of the three podcasts, just have a listen and choose what suits you best

  • Well done graduating!!

  • Congratulations

  • Ooooo well done.

  • Fantastic! Well done and welcome to the other side lol! I graduated almost 2 wks ago. I printed off another running chart to check off my 3 runs each week so that I stick on programme. I did stepping stones last week which I felt helped me consolidate week 9 and this week is stamina and I'm loving running for longer. I'm not super speedy but I know that will come the longer I stick at it. My family don't recognise this new me who gets twitchy if she can't run lol!

  • Congratulations. That dog is a beauty. Expresses the feeling so well.

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