Longest Run To Date

Managed my longest run today, I normally run very early in the morning for an hour as I rise with when wife does at 5:30am as she has a bit of a commute to work, I then squeeze my run in before I have to get my son up for school etc.

This week though my wife is away and as Wednesday is a rest day from strength/weight training for me, I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for me to test my new Brooks Running Shoes out to the max, running later in the morning after I had packed my little one off to School. Previous to today the longest I had run for was 2 hours back in October, that run was a real spur of the moment thing, no preparation food or drink, this time I was determined to approach it more scientifically. For in run fuel I chose, Deglet Nour Dates, counting out 3 for each 30 minute interval, I'd read that as a general rule for averagely fit runners that muscle/cell glycogen levels are usually depleted just after an hour but that you should start thinking about fueling well before this point. I also prepared 750 ml of high5 zero for hydration.

I should just say at this point that this run was done on the Treadmill, for 2 reasons, the weather here today has been blooming awful (I know I should 'Man Up More') and secondly I can return these new trainers to the shop I purchased them from within 30 days if for any reason I am not happy with them as long as they have not been run in outside!

This is the first time I have ever used any in Run Fueling and I can say it honestly helped a lot, the difference in energy levels were noticeable, as I've said I run for at least an hour most days and often at the 50+ minute mark I can start to feel lethargic, at a minute 50 today though I was feeling fine, in fact I was able to keep my regular pace going right through to almost the 2 hour mark and at this point I really thought I would aim and carry on to 3 hours but it was though soon after this point that I started to get a niggly sharp pain in my left hip, so listening to my body I slowed the pace down by .5 of a mph, which helped a little but the pain was still reasonably concerning at the 2 hour 30 minute mark, not wanting to cause permanent injury I decided to sac the run at 2 hours 32 minutes (17.3 miles, Just short of 28k).

It was enjoyable and a welcome change from my normal routine, I am though in ore of anyone undertaking a Marathon! So good luck to you all, my thoughts and respect are with you :)


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  • Flipping heck thats a long run....well done you...why aren't you training for a marathon...you should be!!! I love the ideas about fuel, I'm rubbish at that...what on earth are Deglet Nour dates?????? I am intrigued, not sure what high5 zero is either?? Anyway, fantastic time and a great achievement, well done!!!

  • Deglet nour (noir?) dates are like those sticky things that come in boxes with the plastic prong thing around about Christmas. But much bigger and plumper and yummier! And not as covered in sticky stuff.

  • Beads they are Deglet Nour or Noor, which translated from Arabic for Light I think researching it quickly - tesco.com/groceries/Product...

  • Thanks for the kind words, not sure I'm up for a marathon!

    High5 Zero are tablets that you dissolve in water, they slightly flavour the water and add hydrating aids such as electrolytes but not energy. They also do one that adds caffeine which I've not personally found the need to use, I've used the Zero one for sometime now as I find there is a limit to the amount of water I will drink, personal choice I guess. highfive.co.uk/product/hydr...

    Delget Nour Dates, are very easy to digest, they almost melt in the mouth, so great whilst running and they are high in simple carbs, more so than other dried fruits, so they metabolises quickly.

  • Thankyou I might try and get some of those tablets as I'm not keen on lucozade drinks... And the dates sound much better than eating sweets but Im not sure where I'd put them!

  • I can see storage would be an issue, they are not super sticky though unlike the ones you used get a Christmas that were often coated in a syrup, I guess you would have to experiment! Some tip for running fuel/food storage:-

  • I can only dream of running non stop for that length of time. Recently I ran my longest which was 8K in 1hr :D Well done on an amazing run and thanks for the dates reminder will get back to having them on my longer runs.

  • Well done for getting up so early, running so long and a big pat on the back for saying it was enjoyable. Just read your 'About Me' section. What an inspiration you are. You family must be so proud, as must you be.

  • Thank you, thankfully the old me is fast becoming a distant memory! :)

  • Blimey! Well done!

  • Cheers Beads :)

  • That's a run and a half - well done. Your date with the treadmill obviously did the trick.

    You're right to plan the refueling and re hydration. Longest I've run so far was 15 miles and it was on a whim so I didn't plan for either and it was tough towards the end.

    Not having used a treadmill yet so do you mind me asking if you find that the consistent pace of the treadmill helps you to better manage your pace when you subsequently run outside ?

  • I can't really say to be honest as for me the treadmill came first as that's where I started running C25K before I ran outside (If you don't count running some 20 years earlier), so perhaps it has improved my outside pace.

    The treadmill as you can imagine is very clinical, you have a track like surface to run on (until the belt slips), it's a great tool used properly, especially at this time of year in Scotland, though the weather has been more considerate this winter so far to us. I tend to mix things up a little though, with various speeds and inclines at different points during my run if I'm using it, the only thing it does not mimic is downhill stretches :)

  • WOW, WOW, WOW!

  • DDayFanFancyWanFantastic achievement :)

  • Cheers

  • I thought I'd edged ahead of you in the January FitBit step count and then you pull this out! ;-)

    Well done OlsBean!

  • Thanks, I doubt though I will be there for long, I'm sure you'll be back in front by the end of the day :)

  • Would just like to congratulate you on your amazing weight loss & running regime. Your story is so inspiring & the before & after pics are such a credit to you. It just shows what sheer determination can do. Well done! :)

  • Thank you.

  • I can't even imagine running for that long - well done, that's a brilliant achievement. Very interesting to read about your re-fuelling tips, if I ever run a distance I will remember these, so thanks. :-)

  • I'm still an in run fueling Nooby, I think it'd trial and error in finding the right food that suits you.

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