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Post grade run 4 and IC :(


Well i had been doing ok until Monday evening, still been doing 3 runs a week of at least 30 mins and on Saturday did 4.6k in 37 mins which was good for me a :).

So was going into Monday evening thinking yes should be able to run longer and a bit further.... nope, set off OK but about 25 mins in one of my knees decided that it was having none of this exercise stuff and decided to hurt like hell..... So i stopped and walked on it for a bit to see how it felt seemed ok so finished the 30 mins but ever since my knee hasn't been feeling great.

Tonight was supposed to be my usual run but gonna miss it and see how the rest of the week pans out,maybe after 10 weeks of running on the road my knees have decided they have had enough for a week or so.

Fingers crossed i am back to normal soon 

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Ooh nooo not the knee.. :(  you will know how to look after it.. please do .. hope it's only a wee niggle and you back out after a couple of days x


Aw Butch ! That is such a shame for you :-(

Have a rest and see how it goes, might be just a niggle with a bit of luck and will right itself with a bit of rest .

If you do a search for "knee pain" in the search box,  there will be lots of posts on here that can maybe help you.

Speedy recovery xxx


A sensible decision Butchdingle better to rest and recover for a few days than risk further injury and a longer spell out.

Fingers crossed all be good after the rest ☺


Only just found this post.

Nooooo :( 

IC sounds the best place until things have settled.

Hope they settle down soon :)


It's your body's way of saying "slow down and let Pam catch you up a bit" ;o)

I did my first post-grad run this morning, I'm probably only going to do 2 runs a week from now on because I've been suffering with my knees too and neglecting my upper body. Ibuprofen and 2 bags of frozen peas should hopefully see you right xx

ButchdingleGraduate in reply to Hidden

Ha I like that ,yes it's to let you catch up to me ;)

Well done on the first post grad run,2 runs sounds like a good plan to me as well,was trying to keep up with the 3 so I didn't slip into a non running routine but maybe 2 is a more sensible approach in light of our dodgy knees !!!

Maybe it's time for me to do swimming again in between the running.

Yes ibuprofen has been helping and think by Monday I will be running again no running anyway for the rest of the week as I am off to the big smoke with the youngest Dingle for a bit of sightseeing at weekend.

sparky66Graduate in reply to Hidden

Blooming. Knees!!!


Fab! Enjoy the break in big smoke (hope you've had your jabs ;o)


PS Lady Floss just pointed me in the direction of the C25k+ thought you might be interested too?

ButchdingleGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Pam will take a look

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