Week 8 run 1 - app went at double slow speed??!!

I completed week 7 and went to do week 8 run 1 this morning. 28 min run no stopping, right, should be easy enough - I was fairly confident, it wasn't raining but it was spitting a little, that's ok.... I picked a circular route that I knew would take me about 30 mins having walked it and cycled it before.

I was so surprised to find that at halfway I was only 9 mins into the run - this didn't seem right but I carried on none the less... At the end of the circular bit I found I still had 14 mins left... I checked my endomondo and I had already done nearly 3 miles and the timings really did not add up - endomondo showed that the run took me 31 mins whereas the c25k app that I had been using from week 1 til now says I had 14 mins left. This meant I was half way?! There was absolutely no way I could have done nearly 3 miles in 15 odd mins...!

Basically when I got to the cool down walk at the end of the session i decided to watch the countdown time... And realised it as going very slow! No wonder I ran more than 28 mins.

Has this happened to u before? 😶 cheers if u manage to respond 😎


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16 Replies

  • Morning Dotty!

    Oh dear! Nope, not happened to me, didn't use the app, used the podcasts so can't give much help sorry. Its one of those techno glitches sent to try your mind, your quads, your flutes etc etc and remind you that you're sailing through the program bang on course for a well deserved graduation!

    If you want trouble free C25K download the podcasts, one at a time, delete each as you complete the week and put the next one on.

    Sure someone will appear with proper advice re app ...

  • Aww seems like most ppl use the podcasts - they aren't any good for me cos I cannot hear! The app is visual so I can see when I need to walk or run and it's been brilliant til this run!

    Hopefully I won't have the same plm for the rest of the runs cos there's 5 more to do before I graduate! I will keep using endomondo as well to be sure - wk 8 is 28 min run and wk 9 is 30 mins run so shouldn't be too hard!

    Cheers anyway :-)

  • Oh gosh sorry I hadn't realized ... Perhaps it won't matter so much now like you say, you can use yr Endomondo and now its simply a case of timing ...

    Good luck!

  • Thank you! Am gonna hang in there! I want that graduation! And a new running watch! That's my reward for sticking with the programme! How are you doing?

  • Yeah good plan! My intentiin was the same, to reward myself with a Garmin! Its almost a year since I graduated C25K and I still haven't got that watch! Always, 5km under 30, 10km in 60, HM still breathing ... I just keep moving the goalposts!

    It's ALL GOOD!

  • Same as BoPeep I downloaded the podcasts so can't help with that one. At least you had another method of timing it otherwise who knows where you would have ended up! ;)

  • Yes! At the beginning it happened to me so i stopped using the app and used to podcasts. If your screen turns off on your phone then the timer won't work properly. I read this in the reviews after i downloaded it when all the trouble started!

    Well done for running longer though! I do my W8R1 today. Have run 26 or 27 minutes on the last couple of runs so hopefully it won't be too much of a struggle.

  • Oh I didn't realise that! I had been fine right til this run!

    Did u manage ur wk 8 R 1? It's not too bad actually.

    5 more then graduate whoo!

  • I haven't been yet. I'm running this afternoon. Looking forward to it kind of!

  • All the best! It'll be a breeze! 😎👍

  • Yes it did that to me in wk 7, something to do with app pausing when phone display went into slerp mode. when i checked the app it would go again. for the final weeks i gave up on the app and just used the chronometer on a digital watch to check time. I didn't use the podcasts as i preferred listening to my own music.

  • I have certainly had my app (Map my run) stop working part way through, in my case after 0.83km. It was very demotivating and disorientating. It happens about every 4 months or so to me.

    Don't worry just try again in a day or two.

  • That's tech for you!II only ever use a basic watch with a stop watch...never had a problem.

    PS. I was born in the Stone Age!

  • Not happened to me but I have read on a post previously that you can adjust the time on your app. Someone on here had done it by accident and had the adverse effect the app was going too fast. I can't remember how they adjusted it back but I know somewhere there is something about timing. Sorry can't be more help but hope you can sort it out. :-)

  • The same happened to me with the app in week 5! Back on the podcasts since.

  • My app is 5K runner for the iPhone. Haven't noticed any time glitches. Just finished W8 D2 today.

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