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W2R1 I actually did it!!

I am gobsmacked that I actually managed this run today. It got to the point where at some points where Laura tells you to walk again I felt I could go on for longer...could it be possible that I have found this run easier than the last?

Finding breathing much easier now, as well as establishing the fact that I run best in the afternoon (before dinner) as I'm wide awake and filled with energy from both breakfast and lunch.

Just getting a little worried now about my 3 weeks in Florida. I have looked on googlemaps around the area I will be staying and there are a few good routes that I can do - however, I really fear the heat will drag me down.

Question: Anyone find the heat affects them greatly during this programme? Any tips on how to beat the American heat whilst running?

Thanks :)

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I find it hard in the heat! Probably best to do early in the morning but if it heats up to much or later in the evening.

Remember to ensure you are well hydrated. If it's hot you'll need more water


Yes definitely! I'll probably stick to just water to drink anyways instead of sodas etc :)


Well done! I finished w2r1 today too and like you actually found it easier than week 1. I think it gives you more time to get into a rhythm, I was a bit zoned out during the runs which is great...keeps my mind off the breathing!

Also going away for 3 weeks...started to actually wish I wasn't! The heat is a factor, but also running outside, as I run on a treadmill currently. Early morning running is definitely a good idea, as is looking up routes before I go. Best of luck with your holiday running :)


Ooh Good luck for running on holiday! It's going to be tough isn't it! Where are you heading off to? I found with the runs this time that my mind began to wander - was much better! Keep it up :)


Run early and if you're not too bothered about what you look like go out with wet hair to keep you cool.


May give this a go - thanks for the tip! :)


I run early in the morning...we have been under stifling heat and humidity for the last 9 weeks (lol...coincidentally since I started C25K). If you want to run later I'd suggest trying to find a shady route, and carry a wet cloth to wipe your face with. Sweat really burns when it gets in your eyes. If you are coming from England, where it has been cool and damp (lol), Florida is going to be a shock. As AliB1 says, make sure you are WELL hydrated...that's with WATER.


Thanks guys! :) I reckon I'll try runs both early and late and see which works best! I WILL NOT let this holiday ruin my progress! :P


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