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I did it! I actually did it!?!

So today was W9D3 so I'm now done! I never really stick with things and this is the first thing I've properly stuck with in ages so I finally have a reason to be proud of myself!

I started this program after a few months out of work as a reason to get out of the flat and to have something to concentrate on. I didn't know how hard it wasn't going to be and the first week was a real shock to my system. I have never been a runner but a minute of running couldn't be that hard right?

The first few weeks were painful but I pushed through the pain and finally started to see progress. Weeks 5 and 6 were super hard and week 7 was a bad week but again I pushed through. I learned to read my body and it's pains and I was able to push through the mental roadblocks. I had to take a week off between weeks 8 and 9 because I developed a really painful crack in the skin on my left foot and I needed it to heal. I was really gutted as I hadn't missed a run yet but I told myself it was for the best. I was worried about my W9D1 run but it was great and the next two runs were even better. I ran my first 5k W9D2 in 34:30 and was so elated. The program had worked and I had proved to myself I could do it! My final run was today and I don't know if it was the adrenaline I got from knowing I was running the final run of the program, but in terms of what I had ran before, I smashed it! I ran a 32:35 5k and felt so good at the end.

Looking back across the whole 9 (10) weeks I have come so far. I have lost over 2 stone (28lb) alongside changing my diet, I have more energy and I have so much more faith in myself. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done coming from a base of zero exercise and I now want to go further and faster.

My advice for anyone thinking that this program is too tough for them, or that they cannot do it, or for those a few weeks in thinking of giving up, you CAN do it. It is tough and it is painful but it's also rewarding and the feeling of completing it is so much greater than any pain you feel whilst running.

I'm not really one to be proud of myself but for once I am proud and I really want to build on this achievement. At the start of the program 5k seemed insurmountable, but now it doesn't feel enough. Thanks to everyone posting the motivational posts and good luck to all future and current C25Kers!

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Matt, what a brilliant post! And congratulations on graduating. You sound like a real "natural" - so fast! Keep on running now you no longer need Laura - and keep on posting here, we love to hear what people are doing.

Happy running!


You have all the reasons to feel proud; congratulations, graduate!

It sounds like you had a though but rewarding journey so now go get your well deserved badge! ;)


Well done


Congratulations On your graduation and weight loss

Very speedy too!


Woohoo congratulations Matt.

You should be really proud of yourself, that's a great achievement losing all that weight and making such an improvement on your fitness.

It sounds like we both run at very similar speeds too as I'm just about to run W9R3 and my last two runs have been 5 k at similar times to you. 😀

Well done mate



Congratulations! Great achievement, and I think you are right to be proud of yourself.


You're an inspiration. What an achievement - well done!


Well done! I'm a newbie and am starting Tuesday, hope I can stick with it as I give up too easily


Congratulations, that's such a great achievement. I'm currently on week 7 and finding it hard, so it's great to read posts like yours.


Congratulations, you deserve to feel proud. It's a great achievement. I look forward to the day I have the same feeling. Way to go!


Well done!! That is such an amazing accomplishment!


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