Yippee, I did it!

After spending a sleepless night worrying about my last run of Wk6, i did it! We were out just after 7am this morning because of the expected heat wave. Its a strange thing to say but it was easier than Wk6R1. I followed ALL your advice, took it slowly for the first five minutes, i actually find this the hardest part of the run and then just kept plugging away thinking i can do this, i will do this. It is a long time but how could i let you all down by failing!

Once again my running companion kept me going, there was the odd moment where i thought i cant do this, i would prefer to walk but its mental attitude that gets you there in the end. Less than five weeks ago, i was huffing and puffing doing my one minute intervals so yes i am very happy today.

Everybody on here has been fantastic and i cannot thank you all enough. Lets see how Wk7 goes!

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  • Congratulations Milan! amazing achievement! I run with my boyfriend and I'm certain running with him has helped me to carry on when I have wanted to stop and walk, so I definitely get what you have with your running partner. Onwards and upwards for weekend 7 :)

  • Hi, many thanks for your posting. My running partner Jenny did this program two years ago and she has kept me going where as if i had been running on my own, i would have definitely stopped and walked on a few occassions. Im taking today as a good day :-)

  • Well done, excellent progress....not long now and graduation will be yours.....exciting.

  • Hi AmberC, until your posting i hadn't actually thought about graduation. I am so chuffed that im going to be starting Wk7 next!

  • Go you! Well done and I hope you whoop Week 7's aaaassssss!!!! It is incredible how this program gets you fit enough just in time for each run. And you're right - 60% of it all is mental.

    Good luck with 7.

  • Im not going to take Week 7 for granted. I nearly tripped up with Wk6R1 but this morning i have finished Wk6 i will try and whoop Wk7. I will let you know how progress goes.

    Im smiling today :-) it is one good feeling to succeed.

  • Fantastic! Onwards to week 7, you can do it you have proved that now. It is a mental battle - like you say look how far you have come you should feel great. I find the art of distracting myself on a run is good, in England I started on country roads so I loved listening to the birds and spotting wildlife. Try focussing on getting to a tree or lamppost then another try or building soon you have broken the run into manageable chunks.

    Good luck with week 7 and keep us posted!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am smiling today even though im at work. I will be doing the same run on Wk7R1 and the Suffolk countryside is pretty stunning so i will follow your advice and keep aiming for the next house and lamp post! I'll let you know how i do :-)

  • Well done!

    I've just got back from completing W6R3 - it was very hot! I didn't look at my watch which I think helped. I just kept telling myself I could do it. It was a great feeling at the end.

    See you in week 7!

  • Hi JayBeeToo. Congratulations, you completed the run!!! I actually get a days rest and then the plan is to go at 6.15am on Saturday morning weather dependent to start Wk7. I bet your smiling the same as me, its great when a plan comes together.

  • Oh that is wonderful news!!!! I bet you have a huge smile on your face. You should have! I am doing mine tomorrow morning. I gave myself 2 days recovery. I'll let you know how I get on :D

  • Good luck for tomorrow - just take it slow - you can do it!

  • Hi teabreaks, the smile is like i have won the lottery! I really had to dig in on a couple of occasions but once you get to half way you can't give up. Im relying on you to complete your run tomorrow and then we are both onto Wk7. I still can't believe i've got this far. Good luck, i'll await your posting ;-)

  • Forgot to say, the joy has over taken my thoughts. Not sure which part of the country your in but i would go as early as you can tomorrow. Forecast for Suffolk (where i am) is 30-32 which is going to be damn hot!

  • It's forecast to be very very hot here. I may use my treadmill. At least it will be cool and I can open the patio doors.

  • Great stuff! Good luck with next week. No more walk breaks now...

  • Thanks for your posting. I forgot about the fact there are no more walk breaks. Its a good job they have only stopped now, in Wk1 i had a hard job to run one minute let alone doing it without the walk breaks in between. I'll post next week to let you know what a joy/nightmare Wk7 is.....

  • Brilliant to get that one out of the way. Week 7 coming. Take it easy and I'm sure you'll be fine. I also ran this morning on the treadmill and it was very hot. Good luck

  • Im still chuffed that i managed to complete it. This really has given me a confidence boost as well. All your comments have been brilliant. Thank You

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