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I can't believe I actually did it!


I have never blogged on this site before, but I have been regularly reading other people's blogs and have been so inspired by the comments. However I have finally completed Week 9 run 3 and feel that is this doesn't merit a blog from me, nothing does!

There were times when I never believed I really could do this programme (and I did do weeks 3, 7 and 8 twice!) However, it is now done. I CAN run for 30 minutes without too much trouble. Still not got to 5k yet (but did manage 4.1km in 31 minutes, so I know that with a bit of perseverence I WILL get there.)

I look forward to continuing to improve, get faster ... and maybe even participate in an official race one day! (Still not sure I am brave enough for that yet!)

Thank you all for your blogs. They kept me going when it all seemed too tough.

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Very well done. Of course you'll race one day! Keep blogging and let everyone know how you're getting on. It's fun to read others' bloggs but also great to get encouragement and friendly comments for yourself. A big pat on the back from all of us still working on the course and thanks for letting us know there is an end in sight :D


Well done and welcome to blogging :) please come back often and let us know how you're getting on.

You should message JR21 admin for your graduate badge ;)


Thank you both for the encouragements. Wasn't sure about whether my blogs would be worth reading - but you are right that the feedback and encouragement feels good!

I have just messaged JR21 for my graduate badge. Still can't fully believe I merited that!! (Guess it would feel more real if I actually ran for 5k!! But, it will make me even more determined to eventually make that I guess - and then that would merit yet another blog :-) )

Congratulations! Keep blogging :)


congratulations! :)


Congratulations, im behind you hoping to start week 9 as soon as my knee stops hurting


Well done, don't be a lurker be a blogger like us its very friendly here. :)


Well done your speed will improve with time.


Fab news...very well done :)


Well done! These blogs are so fantastic, there's always something there to inspire me, including this post :)

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