Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 1

I did it! Thankyou to everyone who gave me advice and encouragement about moving on to Week 2 :) I don't think I'd have been ready after only three Week 1 sessions, but after 5 sessions I decided to give it a go, and it went well!

I went swimming last night (first time back in the pool in several years), so I expected to be thoroughly knackered this morning, but it was fine. It was actually fun (never expected to write that!), if tiring and very hard work. I surprised myself by being able to do the 90 second runs, and I'm looking forward to my next one.

Did help that the weather was stunning this morning, although it's clouding over now :(

My arms ache a bit from swimming, but my legs still don't ache, although they're tired and running up the stairs is definitely far more of an effort now than it was before the run!

Need to head out for a walk later. I might even make my target of 4 miles walking today if I'm lucky!

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wow! Look how c25k has motivated you.! Way to go, fred23 :) Swimming shouldn't make any muscles ache even if you haven't done it for years so check out advice on your technique and talk to a swim instructor at your local pool. Bet they run adult improvers classes which are a great help. C25k is just the start of bigger and better things :)


It shouldn't? I'm intrigued by this as most exercise that's worked muscles I haven't used for a while makes me stiff and a bit achey the next day.

Sadly, I can't afford an instructor, but the stiffness always wears off within a few days.



check out the "how to..." videos on to identify where your technique might differ from their methods and you can then work out where you might be putting too much stress so that your muscles ache :)


Thankyou, I'll give that a go! :)


That's great, Fred23! Keep up the fantastic work.




I love a swim on rest days Fred23 so pleased to hear you enjoyed getting back into it too. Its a form of exercise you never forget once learned. You really are on a roll too with all that walking, great stuff, it will all help to improve your health and stamina. :)


Thanks! I wish I had time for more walking, but the drive to and from work every day just takes up too much time. With any lukc, my next job will be 2 miles from my front door (I wish!).

Just completed Week 2, and about to embark on the first run of Week 3 when I get home from work today. Looking forward to it a lot!


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