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Run 1 Week 2 problems...

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The first run in week 2, has been my worst. It was a struggle, but I got there... just. I feel and look like a sweaty pink blob. And to make matters worse, immediately after my brisk 5 min walk cooling down, I threw up. Has this happened to anyone else? It was really embarrassing, as people were around and looking at me, probably thinking she should not be running her fat butt anywhere.

I handled week 1's runs okay, I felt after each run I was feeling better quicker and this really motivated me to carry on, especially when you can notice and feel the benefit.

Maybe I'm coming down with something, although aside from feeling hot, sweaty and in need of a shower I feel fine. I left around 1 and a half hours between breakfast and the run, which is what i did for week 1. I'm tempted to skip breakfast before my 2nd run this week, but I'm not sure I should do that either? I'm dreading my 2nd run this week.

16 Replies
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I've just done run 2 week 2. I am also a sweaty pink blob who has not run since being forced to at school which is too many years ago to mention! The mistake i made week 1 was trying to run too fast in the jogging sections. Week 2 i've slowed down the running telling myself I need to try and run at a pace that I can keep up for 30 mins eventually!! Don't know if this helps but hope you feel better soon and are able to keep to the programme.

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Your next run will be better. The first run of each week is always the most difficult I've found. Don't think about other people. Although I confess I still do...! Only since week 6 or 7 (now on week 8) have I run past houses/along roads. Previously it was on the quietest paths I could find. Once you feel more confident, you won't think about other people. But remember, you're out there doing something and that's more than most people are...

I usually have breakfast about 2 hours before I run. Make sure you've drunk enough before you go out. I didn't yesterday and think that's why I felt slightly 'off'. Not that I'm an expert in any way!!

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That would be my advice, slow down your running pace, even if your running at a pace not dissimilar from walking.

It’s about the time you spend running and slowly building up stamina not the speed, so slow it down and hopefully you will find it a little easier. If not redo week 1 again :)

I agree, take it slow and steady, and maybe a couple more times of week 1 before you move on. I did each run in the beginning weeks four times and the extra run gave me a wee confidence boost. Also sometimes you just have a bad day and it seems much harder. Good luck with your next run :-)

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Thanks everybody, I really appreciate your replies. It's great knowing that there are others who have been and are, currently struggling through with me. I'm going to wait a little longer after breakfast for run 2. Thanks Tadaruns, yes, I probably didn't drink enough water, I tend to forget to drink until after I'm panting like a dog. :-) Will definitely slow my pace and take it easier. After my run today I was seriously considering giving up, but after reading your replies, I'm going to keep at it. Thank you xxx

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Don't give up, keep going. You will get a real sense of achievement if you continue. I think everyone has a wobble at some point (mine is now, on week 8) and had to make myself go out today but I had drunk more fluids before I went out and didn't feel nauseous on the run so I intend to heed my own advice in future!

I agree with everyone else - slow down and be kind to yourself by taking it steady. I am a great advocate of repeating runs and/or weeks so it may be that you need to do a few more week 1 runs before moving on. See how your second run goes and make the decision from there. Best wishes.

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Same message from me also. Speed is not important at all, in fact, it is this notion that running like Mo Farah is the only way that leads to injury putting you back on the couch. Any pace is a fantastic achievement because its still a pace and much quicker than sitting on the couch. Pat yourself on the back every time you complete each session kingprawn because you ARE doing it regardless of speed and distance. Never be disheartened because any effort is better than no effort, your mind will try and convince you otherwise sometimes but stick at it :)

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Raine-49 in reply to damadamski

This is great advice! I'm taking it on board too, very well said

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I'm pretty new to this too - now on week four - but I have tried running after eating something -it was just a banana and first thing in the morning without. Personally I find running on an empty stomach far easier. And it's really nice coming back and having a guilt-free big breakfast afterwards. Good luck with your second run; I'm sure it will be fine. I had a dreadful first run for week 4 on Sunday and only just managed it but today was much easier; people here had assured me it would be and they were right.

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I have just done week 1 run 1.

In the past I have come close to being sick and feeling faint if I push myself too hard.

I am a bit self- conscious about running outside in these early stages aswell because of being looked at and laughed at, I am a little overweight, so I use a treadmill in the privacy of my home instead.

I guess we have to remember no matter how slow we are going we are still lapping everybody on the couch.

Best Wishes


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Just a thought, but have you considered running before breakfast. I have a good drink of water and then just go for it. It has the added advantage of there being fewer people about earlier in the morning to see me dragging my ancient butt around the streets! Then it's home for a shower and breakfast before work.

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Well done for starting. It's the hardest thing to do, start. But here you are and doing well. Run more slowly. It's not a race. This is about gaining strength and endurance. Speed will come later. I've just started week 4 and I'm running more slowly but with better technique, running further and enjoying each run. I don't eat at all before my run but I usually do it first thing in the morning and then just drink when I get back.

If you run in the morning there are less people to see the glow from bright pink faces :)

It's also cooler so less likely to suffer from the glow.

It's not about other people. This is about and for you. Keep going, you are doing so well and the support on here is amazing. Well done again x

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And I've just realised that this post was four years ago and you have already graduated :) x

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Don’t give up. It’s great that you are out there and doing the programme. We all complete it in different lengths of time and a different pace. I like to take it very slowly, just a light jogging pace. Usually have a large glass of water and banana before running and that seems to work. Keep on getting out there and I’m sure you will progress and succeed. Well done and good luck for the rest of the programme 👍

Firstly we'll done. Regarding your throwing up maybe it's because we'll you ate or maybe it was just a reaction to pushing a bit harder especially if you got quite out of breath. I don't eat before my runs because I worried I might get the same reaction. Maybe slow your pace a bit too. I wish you luck and don't let it put you off your doing great keep it up. Good luck.

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