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Week 2 Run 1 - finally :)

Hi all :)

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Well, I've finally started week 2 after repeating week 1. Went far better than I expected. Blisters healing nicely, water defo helping and I really feel that I'm into the swing of it all now :)

Lost another 2lbs too so feeling very positive at the mo!!

Take care and happy running :) xxx.

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well that is all good news - well done.

happy running to you too :-)


Congratulations on your progress. I wish you well in continuing to enjoy your running.


and well done you on doing both W2 & loosing the pounds - feels good doesn't it knowing that you are progressing & improving.

Keep it up & happy running


Another well done from me too!


well done from me too!


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