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Just started but on week 3, run 1

Went straight to week 3 run 1 after trying to do it all the way through...due to personal reasons I never managed it... So yesterday I went straight to week 3 run 1, I did it, was a bit tough but I was pleased, slight ache in heel area.... But I did it , now for run 2 and m hoping that this clears my head and makes me stronger as I don't want a psycho ex to win

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Do take it easy though, please dont try and rush through the program x

As experienced members will tell you slow and steady is the key

And psycho exes never win in the end x


Slinky I tried week 1 and week 2 twice and then I had to stop due to mind games etc

I digbed up to do a half marathon pretty foolish eh but it was s bucket list thing and after coming so close to walking away from life... I made a vow I was going to start this and finish it ... So I did week 3 run 1 and run 2 yesterday and today as I'm in work all day tomorrow

I just need to sort out breathing etc

Slinky I hope your right about exs as I'm reaching breaking point with mine ... I'm hoping that I don't lose my home


Good luck on your c25k journey, do keep posting on your progress, there's lots of helpful people on here x Fingers crossed everything else works out okay for you, be strong and take care x


Thank you ... I need some advice re breathing techniques, I just feel as if I'm out of puff

Although I'm unsure as within 40 seconds or so I'm good

Is this a stamina thing


Hopefully one of the expert runners will be along to advise, but it may be worth writing a new post if you have questions like this so the question doesn't become 'lost' in another post.

I know they will say slow and steady is the key, I guess breathing and stamina all come along with time.


Thank you , I will post another topic

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