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Week 5 Run 1... Countdown to R3!

Well the title says it all!! Did everyone "ignore" runs 1 & 2 (in their mind) & concentrate on what lies ahead?!!

I found run 1 today a mixed bag- the first 5 mins was tough going (the running not the warm up!) and then gradually got better. Last 5 mins run was definately a case of mind over matter.

R2 to go on Weds and then R3 on Fri. Will be glad to say (hopefully) that it will be done on fri and then can tick one major achievement off my list.

I'm nervous/ excited and I really hope that it will be a case of mind over matter (and legs, internal organs, neon runners and dogs) on fri.

I know a couple of people are at same stage as this and wish everyone best of luck!

We can do this!!!! :-)

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You can do this! Definitely! And might find it easier than you thought!

Not sure if we all do that run on pure nervous energy!? :-) :-) :-) Good luck, hope you do great on it.


As you have already heard, week 5 is a lot more about believing in yourself than anything else. I let myself get all worked up and nervous, which in retrospect, was not the best approach. As much as possible, take each run as it comes. (Some days, I even have to take each minute or each step, rather than the full run, even now.)

You will be ready for the "big" one when it is time. No need to stress. That said, feel free to start making your "I am soooo awesome" banner now.


Thanks for all the encouragement. This site certainly is a morale booster!

Off to make my banner now.... :-)


Well done for getting this far, you have already proved you have the determination to do this.

Its a much more mental challenge than I expected, but such a great feeling once its done.

Keep going and best of luck


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