Is it OK to be slow and to repeat Week 1?

I've just finished Week 1, and really susprised myself by being able to do it.

I started really slow, and have got a little bit faster in the running sessions (still a lot slower than anyone else, I'm sure!). The runs were exhausting, but good, and I'm enjoying them. I don't ache for days afterwards like I expected, which makes me think I'm not doing it right, but when I run I push myself as fast as I can go while still managing to run all the running portions. As I say, it's not fast, and I do get very tired because I'm not at all fit. I get a stitch about midway through the sessions, but I just keep going and eventually it goes.

I want to do week 1 again, because my aerobic fitness is appalling, and I want to build up my stamina slowly so I don't get demoralised and just give up. Has anyone else done it this way? Is this OK?


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16 Replies

  • Hi, well done to you finishing week 1!

    I have done some of the runs more than once, so it is taking me a little longer than the usual 9 weeks. If you are unsure, I'd say move up to the next week and if you are struggling, go back to the previous run for another once or twice.

    We are all at different fitness levels, so in my opinion you need to take it to what you think your limits are. That said, I think most of us also surprised ourselves with what we are capable off, so weigh up whether you wanting to repeat runs is physical or mental. :-) Good luck, keep running!

  • Thanks!

    I think it's mostly physical because I'm so unfit. I went on a run a few weeks before starting this with a friend, and we both overdid it. I don't want to go back to that!

  • Hiya Fred and congratulations on completing wk1. I have spent hours trawling through peoples blogs on here (does that mean I don't have a life, I don't know!! lol) and there are quite a lot who have repeated wks/days until they feel comfortable. You have to listen to your own body and don't push yourself. The good thing about this programme is you don't have to follow it strictly and you can repeat what you do.

    Re your stitch, I have read a blog that says if you drink water before your run, it can help with a stitch.

    I hope I've not waffled too much. Enjoy your running - your fitness will improve beyond measure.

  • Thankyou! LOL, I also spent ages trawling through the blogs so you're not alone.

    I'll try drinking a little before a run and see if that works!

  • you did week 1! That's something to celebrate and to build on. Every week feels as if you can't do any more but somehow you do and I'm sure you'll be no exception. Choose a flat course (if it's a treadmill, don't put it on incline), make sure you walk as fast as you can during the walking parts because they are really going to build up your stamina, and try a walk on your rest day when you can practise brisk walking. Before you know where you are you will have developed your heart and lungs.To help prevent stitch, make sure you have a drink before starting and if you are not aching as much as you expected that is a good sign that your muscles are ready for exercise. Well done- you're fitter than you knew! Keep blogging and bet you do week 2! :)

  • Thanks :) I'm running outdoors on a mostly flat course. There are a few mild inclines, but nothing that goes on for long. I walk a lot anyway, so I have that covered, but for me there's a massive difference between a brisk walk and running, probably because I haven't been running like this since school and I was no good at it then! Also, I'm quite tall and am maybe 15lb over my idea weight (I used to be obese, but I had a lifestyle change maybe 8 years ago and lost a lot of weight slowly over a few years).

    I'll try a drink before starting, thanks. I didn't for two of the runs, just threw myself out of bed and into the session.

    It's a relief that the lack of achey muscles is a good thing! Wonder if it's because I walk a lot. Thanks again!

  • I don't see why not.I myself am going to redo week 1 i have been out since i finished w1-r3 from really bad knee pain i cant even get around and forget about steps to much pain been icing and take ibuprofen a few times a day,and i am going to go and see if i can find some Neoprene Knee Supports in about a hour and see if they help i am really mad and upset that i have to sit out week 2,but i will be back i am very determined to complete this.I new i was in bad shape but the first week truly opened my eyes to just how bad off i was.I actually think i will be in a better way starting over knowing now how to listen to my body and focus more on my breathing and posture while i do my pathetic Shuffle,jog,trot.I figure it like this even if it takes me 9 runs to master and fell comfortable to move on to week 2 so be it at least i am out running and sweating and transforming this mess.

  • Ouch, that sounds uncomfortable! I hope you can get back into running soon and without any pain.

    I know the shuffle-jog-trot well! We'll get faster with time, I hope. Good luck!

  • I think you've made a great start and the beauty of the podcasts is that you can repeat any week, as many times as you want to. It all counts and is all congratulated, so keep at it and let us know how you get on :)

  • Thanks! I have a bit of a confession - I haven't used the podcasts yet, I've been keeping time with a watch instead! I'll try them soon, though, I just need to find my MP3 player...

  • Hi Fred, for me week 1 was the worst, I didn't think I could go on to week 2 but decided to give it a try cos if I didn't manage I could always go back to week 1 for a couple of runs. Thats the beauty of these podcasts, you go at your own pace and ability. However I managed w2r1 but found it hard, but nothing lost nothing gained would try w2r2 the next time and surprised myself by finding it easier, then w2r3 was easier again. I didn't need to repeat any of the runs, so give week 2 a go Fred its amazing what our bodies can cope with. Keep your blogs coming in to let us know how you are getting on too, good luck.

  • That sounds great! And very encouraging, thankyou :)

  • I think you should trust the program a bit more! I never thought I'd be able to run, but I've plodded along and just finished the first 20 minute one.

    If you've made it through all of week one, I'd go ahead and move to week 2. It really builds on itself and I think you'll be surprised. If you find it too much, then drop back to week 1.

    I wouldn't worry about speed - most of us probably /crawl/ through it. The program wants you to focus on time and not distance when you start - just getting you so you can be active for that long. I might go back and do it again once I graduate and try to up my speed.

    That said, there's no harm in repeating until you feel comfortable. Just don't get stuck in a rut and never finish! :)

  • Perhaps! I've never had much stamina, so I suppose I can't see how I can gain stamina so quickly. That said, three weeks ago I didn't think I could run 20 seconds, let alone a minute!

    Congratulations on finishing the 20 minute run, that's wonderful!

    I'll keep it in mind about not getting stuck in a rut, thankyou. :) I'm worried about not letting myself progress, but I'm more worried about pushing myself too hard and building expectations that I can't meet. Ah well, I think I'll stick to my plan of repeating Week 1, and set next Monday as my day to progress to Week 2. I'm looking forward to it!

  • Hey, well done for starting! I think people do this different ways - some go through the whole programme without repeating any runs, and others, like me, take longer. I started C25k in April and am only on week 5. I've had a week or so out because of knee pain (resolved by gait analysis) but I knew at the start this would take longer as I am so overweight and unfit. I'm really enjoying it though and even if it takes me until Christmas to be able to run 5k, I don't care. I am still doing it. I see it as a lifestyle change rather than a one-off, done that exercise. Keep going!

  • Thanks! I'm trying to make this a lifestyle change too rather than a challenge that I'll quit once I've done with it. It's reassuring (and inspiring) to know that you're taking it slow, but have still got so far with it already. Congratulations on getting to week 5!

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