Week 8 run 1 and I must be a madman because of this heat

Currently in California we are having a small heat wave, just in time to start my Week 8 runs of course. Today we topped off at 34C but I was damned and determined to get that run in. It went a bit easier than I thought which sort of scares me. I am definitely not running a fast pace (I don't care if I run like a snail I want to say I did it), but part of me is scared finally finding that "zone". I guess I'm scared I won't find it again on the next run.

Does anyone else find themselves trancing out while running? I tend to keep my head up but my eyes are fixed on the path in front of me. That's where my focus is but I can still see what's up ahead. When I do look up and look around, that's when I start feeling tired. Is this just some odd trick I'm pulling with myself?


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  • You're in California, so am I! Don't think there are many of us on this forum in California. It is hot here now, but I'm out of action for a few days unfortunately owing to an injury, but I was about to start week 8 yesterday.

  • Wasn't sure how many of us from the US were on here :) And yeah, the Bay Area is having another mini-heat wave but luckily we'll cool down by the weekend. Sorry that you hurt yourself, but keep at it! We are so close to the finish now!

  • I'm living in Southern California and yep it's hot here! I'm loving this C25K program and am really missing my runs. Good luck with your program! I hope to catch you up soon.

  • Thank you and same to you! I hope that you're back at it soon.

  • 34 degrees and running!! Ohh, errr.

    It's starting to get a little warmer here in good old Blighty, but somewhere off the 34 you're experiencing ~ I'm pleased to say.

    As a matter of interest, just what is it like running in high temps? I have walked in the Sahara, but never run in such conditions.

  • So far I've managed to avoid anything in the 30s by running early in the morning or in the evenings. I "think" that this summer I will acclimatise a bit as I'll be here for August, and 30 may be unavoidable then. My plan is (a) run as early/late as possible, (b) aim for the shady side of the road, (c) take it slowly - distances will probably be irrelevant and (d) hydrate well beforehand and take water with me.

  • Excellent ideas, but the roads are SO hot, as I recall.

    I read about Death Valley, and having to run on the white lines otherwise your shoe soles melt. I can't see why anyone would run in such conditions, but being of Scottish extraction I'm not used to hot weather. Caithness isn't exactly renowned for its climate!! Wind, yes; sun, alas, no.

  • Well, yesterday was a bit uncomfortable in places. The park I run at has a path by the bay so there are some decent winds that help a bit. Mostly it was trying to remember to breath through my nose rather than my mouth. Seems to dry me out out faster if I breath through my mouth. The paths that I was running on didn't have a lot of shade so it was really about the sun beating down on me. I think tomorrow (my next run) I will try to drink a fair amount of water before I go running to see if it helps.

    As long as there isn't a lot of humidity in the air (did that one a few weeks ago), it's really not all that bad. Like I said, just rather uncomfortable at times and you do definitely begin to wish you had a water bottle with you.

  • Speaking from personal experience, I would advise NOT to drink too much before running. It can feel terrible as it all sloshes-round. Much better to take a hydration compatible running back-pac and drink a little and often.

    Just remember, if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated; so drinking a small amount on a regular basis is what it is all about.

    Run safely, and don't forget the sun screen.

  • Hey Shadowmichael - and I thought I was lucky being able to run on the beaches in Norfolk! I have tried running before but always felt like I was fighting to keep up with the 'real' runners. With Laura's help I have discovered that I can run but I am definitely a solo runner as, like you, I can get into my 'zone' and run at my own pace. I am on week 8 too and it has been a struggle at times, and the first 2-3 mins are still a killer, but I am finally enjoying being able to run (I use the term loosely) without feeling as if I am going to die, cry or lose a leg lol

  • I have to say, no matter what my pace may be, it's all about finishing the run for me. I think wound up walking faster than I ran on the cool down walk afterwards but ya know what? I finished the run (although that last minute I thought was going to kill me). I agree though that the first 2-5 minutes are horrid, but I eventually find myself easing into the run somehow. Keep going though! We may not be first, but we'll get there ;)

  • Kudos to you for running in that heat, I couldn't hack it. I think the focusing thing is quite normal, it's how you don't trip up, that's my take anyway.

  • Luckily we don't have much humidity here so it is hot, but not muggy. I just knew I had to run that day so..? And I do think it's funny though that when I do wind up looking around, that is when I start to trip up, realize my running rather than just doing it etc.

  • I've been wondering about this too, as temperatures here (south east France) easily go into the 30s in July and August. In fact, I'm half expecting to swim instead... I've already felt the difference between running on tarmac (hot hot hot) and running on footpath or grass (much cooler). I'm fortunate that my local parks both have drinking fountains !

  • The pathways in the park are mostly paved (a lot of bicyclists on them as well) and for some reason that actually helps me. I haven't experienced running on grass yet, but I feel like I've needed that paved, smoother area to run on. I don't know how humid it gets where you are, but if it's less humid and hot, then it's just sort of uncomfortable. Tomorrow is my next run and it should be about the same temperature so I will have to do a post and see if I can explain better what running in the heat is like.

  • Just remember to stay hydrated. My sister lives in California and regularly runs (did her first Ultra this year!). I've run over there (only 5k runs...), it does get hot. I know just what you mean about zoning out, I do it a fair bit, particularly on longer runs (looked around the other day and realised I had no idea how to get home, thank goodness for gps based apps!)

    Don't worry about not finding the zone next time, just enjoy the run.

  • I actually drank 3 liters of water after the run. The funny thing is that I didn't feel like I was sweating much until after I had finished, stretched and sat down. It may have been the winds off the bay that helped, or I may have just really needed water. Either way, I am going to try tomorrow to drink water before the run and see how that may affect me. I just think it's funny that if I do lose my focus and look around, that's when everything goes to pot.

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