Week 5 Run 1 completed.....twice! Is it ok to repeat?

Having felt the need to repeat several of the weeks (especially week 4) a few times, I finally plucked up the courage to move onto week 5 run 1 and have been really pleased that I could manage the run reasonably well. Because I lack confidence in being able to complete the next run, I repeated run 1 again today and felt that I definitely had 'a bit more in the tank' so I'm thinking I'll push myself onto Week 5 run 2 on Friday! So pleased...I actually feel like a runner.

Has anyone else repeated runs/days/weeks several times before moving on and is this ok? I do feel like I'm benefiting from repeating as I am over weight and hadn't done any exercise (other than walking) before starting the programme.


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9 Replies

  • Well done you. In terms of repeating runs, that is completely up to you.................... but you are probably underestimating your physical capabilities. So much about running is mental and having progressed through the program I am sure you will be fine with W5R2 even if your brain is telling you are at your 'limit'.

  • Well done on your running achievements. This journey is all your own so its fine to repeat if you feel the need!

    But dont under estimate what you are capable of, the programme has you ready for each next step. You now need to believe in you! You are doing really great, good luck with your next runs😀👍🏼🏃🏻‍♀️

  • Loads of people do... very sensible thing to do :)

  • Thanks for your support! It's nice to know that I'm doing ok with the repeating. Definitely going to push myself to complete week 5 run 2 on Friday!

  • I've repeated lots of weeks, and lots of runs within weeks 5 and 6. As others have said, don't be afraid to move on if you have completed the run properly, but at the same time, don't feel that you need to if it would be better to repeat first. :)

    Enjoy Friday's run :)

  • Thank you! 😀

  • Well done! That's the way, try and keep going forwards..😊

  • Yes I repeated some along the way while doing the programme, and still repeat them if the mood takes me now!

  • Our psychological progress often doesn't quite keep pace with our physical progress.... but it sounds as though yours is catching up and that's great.

    If you're going to get yourself into a lather and psych yourself out, so that doing extra sessions is what it takes, do it... it's all healthy activity and all contributes to building a habit of getting out out there regularly.

    But other than that, it is really not necessary. Perhaps, having had to attempt Week 1 over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until I could complete it successfully, I have a slightly jaded view of people doing extra sessions when they *have* completed the requisite three successfully. (Totally different to continuing to use the podcasts as a graduate of course)

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