Week 2 for the second time...fingers crossed everything is ok

Not been able to run for 3 weeks due to bad knees, but although I have the odd twinge I'm able to walk up and down stairs without pain, so I thought I'd have another go today. So put week 2 back on my iPod and out I went early this morning.

Took it very easy and worried about every twinge, on the 6th repetition I felt unsure so I ran very slowly ( it was almost a walk).

Felt ok most of the day, have sore legs now, but don't think it's my knees, don't know about others, but I can't always work out where my legs are sore, it appears to move around a bit.

So I'm gonna take it easy, at least two rest days between runs at first and stay on week 2 until I'm sure I ain't doing more damage.

Please keep your fingers crossed, because I got the running bug early on and never thought I would, I managed three weeks before being out of action for three, so here is a tentative start...


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9 Replies

  • I am really glad that you are back to running. I have finally got back to running properly and have now completed week 2 after 2 weeks of rest due to dodgy knees. I was just the same as you I worried about every twinge and nearly stopped half way in my first run, but I just took my time and got through it. I am now just about to start week 3 and have a new route which is mostly downhill for a change so let's see how the knees cope with that! Just take your time and listen to your body, you will get there even if it takes a bit longer!!!

  • Good luck, that will be a test!

  • I have problems with my knees and overdid things rushing hell bent on finishing C25K ASAP.

    My doctor recommended taking ibuprofane 1hour before running to help with the inflammation and it helps. So does putting ice packs on.

    Good luck. Just take it easy....

  • I have taken some anti inflamatories that I had, but if it flares up I'm gonna go see the GP. Thanks

  • Sounds like a good run. Stupid question but have you got shoes that support you enough? I ask because I am an overpronator and was having problems with my knees esp the right udring week 1 and 2. I got better shoes for the next week and magically no knee pain.

  • Yes, I got them three weeks ago when my knee started playing up, went to sweatshop and had them properly fitted. They feel better, but only time will tell

  • Best of luck with the knees. I have knee problems too, and definitely needed the support of my GP. The good news is, if you do have knee issues again and go see your doctor (as you mentioned above) chances are excellent that he/she can help get you running again. For me, once I did the special exercises, and made it past the first few weeks of C25K, my knees got a lot stronger and bothered me a whole lot less, even when I pushed hard in later runs.

  • Thanks for that, that sounds positive, I will go to GP if it gets bad again as my OH will hound me until I do anyway...

  • SNAP I too am having some discomfort from my knees - not excrutiating pain but still worrisome. Need to buy new shoes next month so will probably take it a bit easier than I had planned but really do not want to do any longterm damage.

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