Week 2 run 2 (no - really this time 😊)

Hello folks. I'm fresh out of the shower from run 2 of week 2 with a cat on my lap. It was lovely weather for a run. That said, this was probably my hardest run yet. The entire time, my left leg felt battered (still the sore someone hit me with a hammer feeling) and the calf was threatening to spasm. Ok, I expected the muscle pains, not quite so much the bone pain, but it makes sense. My real problem though was that my right kneecap was loose and hurt! Really sharp to land on. I hope that goes away. I made it through by taking each run as an individual event and promising my myself that it wouldn't be my Waterloo. I want this! I'm just afraid that maybe my body is going to prove everyone who says "people can't run who have rheumatoid arthritis and joint dislocations" right. Please tell me this is normal and I will strengthen up. On the bright side, in terms of aerobic fitness, I felt I could have pushed further. So the legs are the limiting factor. I only ran about 966 meters today (though I walked quite a ways too), but I'm proud to have completed the run without stopping. Other bright side, the right knee just popped a couple of times and feels better!

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  • Well done on completing the run, that's great :) As regards your knees, please be careful and do loads of strengthening exercises, really really loads. I had tons of trouble with mine as I went through the programme and ended up seeing a physio. He said all runners should do quad strengthening work to protect their knees. If you look in the pinned posts on the right hand side of the page, you'll find a link to how to run and stretch correctly. If you follow that, you'll find a link to knee exercises for runners. Good luck

  • I'll check out those posts. I don't really want to stop the program, but maybe I will have to for a while 😞. I will reevaluate on Friday.

  • Hi there :) My knees hurt for the fit couple of weeks -so did all the rest of my lower body, come to think of it :) I don't know how long it is since you did any sport, but if your body has to remember how to run then it'll take some time for the muscles and joints to "relearn" it and to polish up their act.

    It does sound as if you you should maybe see a sports physio to check out if you're landing differently on that left leg, and why? As AM says, an injury can keep you out of the game for a while, and that would be a shame.

    By the way, I see you're a medical writer... I'm a scientific copy editor. We weirdos should stick together :) I spend a lot of my time sitting around on my bottom in front of a computer screen too.

  • Yes, we weirdos should definitely stick together! The sitting on your butt part is not so great, but it's an interesting line of work. Yeah. I am getting just a bit worried about that left leg. I think the knee will probably clear up now.

  • Well done for doing the whole session, but deffo take care with those joints x

  • really well done on your progress so far . As AM says watch those knees ( I speak from experience) try the exercises and do them religiously :D

    Hopefully some of what you are experiencing is just your body re adjusting :D

  • That's what I'm hoping. I will reassess on Friday as to whether or not to postpone that run. Hopefully not though! The knee feels pretty good today and the shin pain is definitely improving (though still there). Probably just minor.

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