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Week 2 in the bag!! (well - technically!)

Well, I ran w2r3 this evening, all three were completed successfully so I guess technically I can say week 2 is done. However I don't feel as if I've completed it mentally; I'm not sure I'm ready to move on yet - the prospect of three minutes is very daunting!

One reason for this may be that my week seemed to revert rather than progress:

w2r1 was absolutely fine and I felt quite triumphant!

w2r2 was a bit tougher - my chest/breathing was ok but my legs felt a little heavy.

Run 3 tonight and again my chest was ok (a little breathless but no more than I'd expect), but my legs felt like lead and I was verrrry glad to see the end of each 90 second section of running.

Will my legs hold up to 3 whole minutes?! I really don't know. So I have the dilemma of repeating this run to see if it makes me feel better, or trusting in the system and giving week 3 a go....and maybe surprising myself?! But possibly maybe failing and finding I should have done a few more 90 second stints.

Hmmmmmm! What to do?! :S Ultimately though I feel pleased - I have been out to run six times in all weather, and have run for a total of 51 minutes.......if you'd asked me a fortnight ago if I'd have managed that, never mind tackling it with excitement and enthusiasm, I would have laughed you out of the door!!

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Try week three - the worst that can happen is that you find it too difficult and have try more than once to reach the three minutes. You've completed week two so you are capable of starting week three. I'm sure you'll be fine, remember to pace yourself - maybe start off running a little more slowly so that, at the end, you either finish comfortably or you might even still have some extra energy in reserve to finish with a fast minute ! Trust the system and trust yourself. You're doing brilliantly :-)


Don't agonise over this too much, go for it and trust in the system! If you're feeling happy and good in your self then why not? If you can't manage it, then the worst that happens is you go back and redo Week 2. Just believe that you can do it :)

I wish you the best of luck!


Go for it! Like everyone else says, you can always have another go if things don't go as you'd hoped. You're doing brilliantly - have faith in yourself.


I found w2 hard too and doubted myself about moving on to w3. I did go straight on to w3 and actually found it easier in a strange way. I think the longer the periods of jogging the more you get into a rhythm of breathing and running.

Good luck!


Believe it or not, week 3 was easier for me than week 2. I wasn't so sure about running 3 minutes either, especially since 90 seconds seemed hard sometimes. I just went veeerrrrryyyy sllloooowwwwlllyyy. And then I felt like a superhero for doing it. Take the plunge. There is nothing to lose. I believe in you. :)


Hehehe, I already feel part-superhero for just getting this far!

Thank you, all, for your kind and reassuring replies. I am going to have a go at week 3 and see what happens.....thank you for the push :)


Natg its great to read how your feeling as I seem to be going through exactly the same, just done Week 2 and moving on to week 3 this week.

Yep my legs hurt and I have trouble breathing but when I get told "Well Done, you have completed todays run" it all seems to fade away :)

I am following the advice given here and trying to move on when I can. If I fail a run I will do it again and again until the week is done.

keep going and best of luck.


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