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Failed w6r3 for the second time

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Im just really really sad i mean i gave it my all but my legs just gave up on minute 12.Its not the voices that stopped me but pain from my knees(not them) till my toes.I will take a two days rest and try again but im just really really sad and dissapointed in myself i mean i wont give up but it still sucks so hard not to be able to do something you really want to and the thing is I really gave it my best but still failed...This is more of a rant but I had to vent somewhere.

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If at first, you know the rest, keep at it.


Sorry to hear this. Rest up and try again when the pain has gone!

Perhaps a visit to a sports physio might help?


Not failed, just deferred. There really is no rush to complete the programme. I'm moving through it at a snail's pace but I'm proud of any small progress that I make! So be positive and be proud of everything you've achieved so far!! :-)


Never failed! I had to have a complete rest for a week because of knee pain, therapist may be the answer but you will be back I am sure!


We don't use the F word here on the forum...not a "F" - could you run for 12 minutes six weeks ago? Have a read through some f the older posts, you'll see W6 is notoriously hard... you'll get there, slow down and plod along with Laura, she won't let you down xx


No F word please! Just have a good rest and try again, don't think there's any need for a physio yet.

But take it easier and back off a tad, you will get there, don't get the hump with it, it's only a run, there's no rush! plenty of time to do the plan, it can take a tad longer than 9 weeks to complete.πŸ˜€


Okay, two things - one is there is no fail. You were out there so it was a run. Well done. And you said 'I won't give up' which is fab. Venting and ranting on here is fine because so many of us have been exactly where you are.

The second thing is - pain from your knees down to your toes. Has anyone mentioned shin splints to you? Have you had gait analysis? Are you running in the right shoes? Please forgive me if you know all this already and you've had all this done, it's just that when I started C25K I got to week 3 and I was crying with the pain in the front of my shins. Couldn't go any further, could hardly walk home etc. I went for gait analysis, came home with some new trainers and it was absolute magic - no pain. Absolutely none. I was still a knackered, panting, sweaty mess, but my shins didn't hurt. So if you haven't had your shoes checked out, it's worth doing. If you have, perhaps a visit to a physio or a health professional of some sort.

Whatever you do, all the best to you. Your determination will get you through, I'm sure. Let us know how you get on.

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^^^ Wise wise words :)


I agree with Annie - my first thought was shin splints, too. You haven't failed; your body told you it needs protecting from the impact with the ground. So listen up, and go to get your gait analysed so that you can do the run agin in better conditions. Keep smiling, and keep us posted!

Take courage - you didn't "fail". You went out and you ran. You need to be kind to your body. If it says it's hurting then give it a much needed rest. Week 6 is a very tough week. Be proud of getting this far and take it slow. It'll come right in the end!

Also wondered about flat feet and gait analysis- they can be immensely painful and make your mood plummet more. At the end of the day though there are still things you can do- strengthen your calves and Achilles and do all round strength build ups so you're ready to go when you know what you're dealing with. Chin up my friend, being away from the running really does make the heart grow fonder.

These longer runs are hard. Just keep plugging away at it. You can do it.

Good luck.

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