Week 2...........done!!! Am I ready for week 3??

Wow, that was hard work!! I never thought I'd be able to run. I've had 2 back operations, the last one went wrong so means I have a numb calf and foot on my right leg and had to learn to walk again so for me to be running, I am really proud!

Week 2 completed now for week 3 which is scaring me!! Run for 3 minutes, I really don't feel like I could! Is that a common feeling??

Going to give it a go, if it doesn't work out I'll go back to week 2


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8 Replies

  • Congratulations! Feels good doesn't it and week 3 I am confident you can do it ! I've just started week 4 but have done run 1 twice mainly because i had severe cramp and had to pause first time round ! But i did it again last night and done it with no pause. So keep going you can do it : - )

  • That's the right attitude, Elbrown76...no such thing as "failure" just sometimes a "doover" ... Remember, this is for the rest of your life...no sense rushing it...and yes, everybody feels the same way with each new week..."Can I REALLY do that?"

    Enjoy running...and continued success!

  • Grammadog is right. I think everybody starts every new week thinking 'Are they serious ? Can I do that?' But, you know, they are and you can! It really is a very well thought out programme. That said if you do struggle on a particular week there is no shame in repeating a run or too or even a whole week. Most of us have done that at some time. It's not a race and the only goal really is to get fit and enjoy it along the way.

  • well done on a great achievement.You have overcome such a lot before you took on this programme. With reference to not feeling you could run for 3 minutes. Tryit and if you fail try it again. The important thing is dont give up. I start W3 next week and I am struggling to believe i will run for three minutes but i aint gonna give up! Keep running

  • I've just done Week 3 run 2, and am already scared about trying week 4soon! Every time they take it up a gear its hard to imagine doing it, but its very well thought out. Good luck and stay determined.

  • I was thinking this today, but I went out on W3R1 and it was fine!! The first 3 minute run when Laura said I was halfway though I thought 'you have got to be kidding me!', but after that it got a easier and I surprised myself - I think half the battle is psychological, because it turns out that you can just keep going after all!

  • Thank you all, no chance of me giving up, loving it too much! It's great having this blog site too so we can all share our feelings. I agree programme is brilliant and best of all FREE! Can't say that very often these days!! Happy running everyone :-)

  • Hi Elbrown! I got into the habit of not looking at what the next week entails, I sometimes think that not knowing is better than having the opportunity to think "I can't do that!".

    I have just completed week three, and, whilst you may not believe it, I found it the easiest so far! I really struggled with week two, and rather than repeat it, I thought "I'd rather just move on and see", and whilst the three minute runs seem like an eternity, I find that Laura chats quite a bit, so the time goes a bit faster!

    Good luck, and happy running to you, too!

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