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W7R2 :)

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Did this last night and it went pretty well. Still finding it hard to get into my groove for the first 5 - 10 minutes but once I am it's pretty smooth sailing, well, for the most part. My main battle is to focus on my music instead of how long I've got left. Since changing from the podcasts to my own music I am finding that I don't concentrate that much on time anymore and I find myself picking up speed and actually enjoying the experience more when it's a song I really love!?

I still can't believe I'm managing to run for 25 minutes straight. Absolute miracle :)

Keep it up week 7 folks :)

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I think it's pretty normal to find that music makes it easier (especially tunes you like), it defiantly keeps me going and can get me in the mood if I don't feel like going out for a run. Sounds like you've got a good tactic going, clock watching can be so disheartening so crank up the tunes! :D Good luck for run 3, sure it'll be a breeze.

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Rose885

Thanks Rose :) I think what also helps is when I play my music loud - I can't hear my breathing or my feet hitting the ground then and I find that helps me a lot. I almost forget I'm running sometimes, if that makes sense lol :)

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Well done Rosey. I did w7r1 last night after putting it off all day. Aren't those first 5-10 minutes killers? I wonder when that'll get better. I always feel almost defeated at the beginning until I get second wind and can then happily plod on for the rest of the time. I'll definitely follow your example and try my own music next run, even if it means missing out on Laura for a change!

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Nevertoolate

Hello you :) Thanks! Well done to you too :) Yep, the first 5-10 are really hard, its a pure mental challenge! You wonder how you're going to do it and then 5-10 minutes later you're still at it, and then you're done lol

Definately try your own music! The podcasts are brilliant but I found I was more motivated when I listened to my own tunes. It might work for you too! I still listen to the bits on the podcasts when Laura talks, I just don't listen to them when I run anymore.

Good luck for run 2 you'll walk (run lol) it ;)

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How do you manage to combine your music and Laura? I've downloaded Audacity but can't get it to work - or rather, I can't work it! Is there something simpler?

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Nevertoolate

I managed to use audacity for one of my runs, it took me ages! It was pretty cool to have her talk over my own music but slightly annoying as I could still hear the podcast music slighty coming through. So, I decided not to bother and I listen purely to my own music now. I skip thorough the podcast on my ipod the night before just to hear what words of wisdom Laura has for the run.

Maybe someone on here knows how to use it? Could ask a question on here maybe?

I think it'd be awesome if you found out how to do it, but I think it's too much hassle really, especially when you have to do it for each individual podcast....

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This is why I love these blogs - my first 5ish minutes also feel so difficult, my breathing is so bad. I do get over it at about 10 mins when I realise I cannot hear myself! It is great to know other people have the same problem.

While I am out I try to imagine the other runners who are at the same stage as me (about to do W7R2 tomorrow) doing their runs and I want to keep up and not lag behind. Is that sad??

I tried to change my route yesterday (W7R1) as suggested but totally miscalculated, I had to start the run uphill - it nearly killed me! I quickly got back on my old route and felt safer, maybe too soon for change!!

Good luck to all week 7ers, keep running and blogging, keeps me going : D

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to klw13

I agree klw, it's nice to know other people are going through and thinking the same things as you :)

LOL! I don't even attempt to run up hills, if I see one approaching, I turn the other way :D A week 7 run with a hill thrown in? Wow! Well done you!

Keep it up & keep us posted :)

Hello all

So good to hear I'm not alone in struggling for the first 10 mins! I did W7R2 this morning. Now why was it harder than on Monday?

I think I'll try my own music too - might stop me looking at my watch every minutes - or groaning when Laura says "you've done 5 minutes"... FIVE MINUTES! felt like 20!

klw13 - I absolutely cannot do hills! I tried a couple of runs in the country in Week 5 and nearly died! I'm seriously considering getting my OH to pick me up next time, so I don't have to run back up the long slow hill out of the valley! City running is so much easier.

I'm hoping that once I graduate and start improving our pace etc (mine is deeply slow) I might be able to start coping with hills.

Go the week 7ers!

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to

Well done! 1 more run and you're onto week 8!! ;)

I agree! W7R2 was definately harder than the first attempt!

It's funny how most people feel they've ran longer than they have when they haven't - best thing to do is give your own music a try, those first few minutes will always be a pain but once I get lost in the music, before I know it - it's cool down time :)

Let us know how you get on & good luck! :)

I did W7r2 last night too. R1 of this week was really hard - really found it hard to keep on going, but I did it OK in the end. Last night I ditched Laura (sorry, Laura) and loaded up my ipod with banging tunes from jogfm. Personal best for distance (5k!!!), and after those first 10 mins really really enjoyed the run. Really recommend jog.fm. Will be getting more inspiration there for run 3 on Friday.

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to joogar

Well done joogar!! Running with your own music really does make a difference doesn't it!? Thanks for the jog.fm suggestion, I'll pop on it before I go for run 3 later on today :)

Wow at the 5k!! The most I've done is 4.75km. You're awesome!

Keep it up & update us on run 3 - good luck :)

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Jogfm it is then (not heard of it til now but if it works here I come!).

W7R2 this am - heard the rain but was determined - out came the red running jacket that co-ordinates so well with my face after 10 mins!

Not too bad but I agree about Laura - I am begging her to say only 1 minute left. And what with the running faster for the last minute??????

One more for W7 then 28 mins - here we come!

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to klw13

I'll be jumping on the jog.fm wagon too ;)

LOL at the red jacket - at least you'll blend in ;) My face looks oh so bright against my white jacket! :D

Well done for getting up and out there in the rain - it's not easy! :) I'm out for run 3 later tonight and it's going to be belting it down...but, when raining, I always pretend I'm in some movie running from a baddie, all wet and (ahem) sexy....so I'm sure I'll cope LOL :D

Keep it up!

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Well done all of you on getting through run 2. I was due to do it today but I'm not feeling too good - light-headed and pathetic! My resting pulse has gone down to under 60 beats a minute, which either means I'm a top notch athlete (not) or something's amiss! I think I'd better have an extra rest day and go for it tomorrow. I hate to fall behind you all but keep on going, inspire me and I'll be right behind you. I'll blog when I do run 2 on Thursday. Good luck to you all.

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klw13Graduate in reply to Nevertoolate

I hope you are feeling better today? Good luck

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to klw13

Thanks for the support - really appreciated!

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Rosey21Graduate in reply to Nevertoolate

I know how you feel about falling behind but all that's important is you rest up ready to take on the challenge when you're better :) Definately pop to the docs for a chat and maybe a blood test. I too felt how you do & it turns out I'm anemic so best to see someone who can tell you what's what... let us know how you get on :)

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to Rosey21

I'm feeling much better today after a good afternoon nap and night's sleep yesterday. I even bought a pair of proper running shoes and will go out tonight to try them out. I also saw a doctor and had a blood test (this is France and you can get things done quickly!). I'm really hoping to keep up with you all and my twin sister who's doing this too. But I won't push it too far! Good luck to us all.

Now Joogar has spilt the beans about 5k in 25 mins... I may have to give up! I think I do about 3.5k. Practically (but not quite) overtaken by walkers. How depressing!

klw13 - do you think you can see our faces from space?

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klw13Graduate in reply to

If we cant be seen I am sure I can be heard puffing away!!!

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NevertoolateGraduate in reply to

3.5k is streak lightening for me! I'm just aiming to go the 25 minutes without dropping down. We're all doing so well to have got this far since week 1, haven't we?

It made me smile :) to read these, we are all doing so well on Week 7 even though we may be red-faced and puffing, I definitely am, also very heavy-footed so people probably think there is some sort of earth-shaking monster coming if I am behind them! I am trying not to think too hard about distance as I am so slooooow, did about 2 miles when actually jogging so just over 3k.

Run 2 took a while to get into but I got there in the end, when I first looked at my watch I had only done 7:52 and I was hoping I was half-way, oh the self-delusion! It was raining hard. Since then I have had a hangover and a cold so don't know when I will get to Run 3 - and next week I am going on holiday to hotter climes so not sure I will manage to run without oxygen and a stretcher on hand! Anyway, hope to do R3 before I go.

Good luck all!

I've just read through this thread while looking for ideas about music... And I want to thank you all for posting and encouraging me. As I ran wk6r3 tonight, with my red face, heavy feet, and running so slowly the snails are still overtaking I wondered when I will get better at it.

Next time I run, I can do it knowing I am not the only one with a red face and achy legs. I wonder sometimes whether a walker will overtake and I will leap into a bush from embarrassment. I must remind myself that we all start somewhere, other folks are going through the same thing, and I must be patient!

Thank you all! :-)

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