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OMG! I decided to try and do this run outside as I’ve been on my treadmill up to now! I’ve only gone and run for 25 mins on the road! So proud of myself 🥰. If I can do this anyone can. Happy Thursday everyone! 😘

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Well done onwards upwards once you run out side once you keep going out side

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Well done you! And hope you enjoyed the outside running. And 25 minutes - c25k is really amazing isn’t it?! The next couple of weeks are a blast!

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RsoozeGraduate in reply to DiscoRunner

I’m loving it, I never thought I would be able to run outside! C25K is absolutely amazing ☺️

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DiscoRunnerGraduate in reply to Rsooze

That’s so great! You’ve got the bug too. I never thought it would be a thing I could do, let alone enjoy!! Well done us!!! 🤣 x

Well done it’s so impressive isn’t it and love it outside I did the exact same run in the countryside yesterday on A footpath after work when I pushed myself to do it instead of collapsing on the sofa amongst nature and really felt terrific afterwards in a natural high

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Well done! I only ever use a treadmill and feel id never be able to do it outside ...you must feel great ?!

I have my first 25 min run today but not convinced I will do it 🙈 can I ask at what speed you set the machine to run pls?

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emmat7 in reply to Nubird

I was in 6:2 I think pretty slow to be honest

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RsoozeGraduate in reply to Nubird

Hi Nubird you can do this!!.. on the treadmill I walk at 6.7 and jog at 7.5-7.6 but you need to find your own pace that suits you! You’ll smash it!

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NubirdGraduate in reply to Rsooze

Thank you ! I did my first 25 mins run at 8.2 .... and can’t believe I did it! Just need to brave the big outdoors... maybe once I look a little less like an ambulance case 😂

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RsoozeGraduate in reply to Nubird

That’s awesome well done you .... we can smash this!!👍🏻

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Good for you that you ran run 2 of week 7 outside after being on the treadmill for your other runs, perhaps from now on you will complete all the other runs until graduation outside.

Ah well done. That is amazing work. I can’t wait to be able to do this

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