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Up and out for my second run of week 7 at 5.30 this morning. Much warmer temperature than Monday’s frost. ❄️ A good steady run today. Legs were aching a bit but kept up the positive mindset and completed the 25 mins. 🙌🏻 Covering just over 4km at the moment. Tech gremlins were on my side today so all went well. So proud of myself for getting this far. Can’t wait to finish Week 7 and increase the time in week8. Have a great day 👍

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Congratulations I admire all you morning runners ive been out in the morning last week & it was great but im more a night runner😂still running which is main think!! Imagine you are on count down now only y 7 runs left....wow what an achievement & feeling 🏃🏃😊

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TJMazzGraduate in reply to Pc59

Thanks. I feel fantastic. I love morning running. Sets me up for the day 👌

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Well done you! Glorious here too... I am having an extra rest day... hope it is sunny tomorrow.

Keep it slow and steady as you progress onwards:)

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Kimchoc08Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

I’m hoping for sun tomorrow too 🙏🏼☀️

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Well done 👍🏼 it certainly looks a lot warmer out there than Monday!!

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You're storming through the programme, I'm looking forward to having the weeks of only block running, I enjoyed the 20 minute run in week5 so much I kind of resented going back to walking bits! I know the programme is designed to make us fitter in the best way though, so I know I have to conform! Well done! I'm not sure I could run that early! 😀x

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TJMazzGraduate in reply to Snodi

Yes I’m enjoying the longer runs. I’m awake early so make use of the time by going for a run. After work I’m busy taking my teenagers to all their sports commitments so early mornings work for me. Week 6 is tough. Keep going and you’ll be graduating in no time 🙋🏻

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SnodiGraduate in reply to TJMazz

Thank you! I'm still in disbelief some days that I'm this far into it despite never running before, it's an incredibly well designed programme! I'm wondering what to do next already! Have you got any plans once you graduate? X

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TJMazzGraduate in reply to Snodi

I thought I would continue to run for 30 mins 3 times a week and maybe increase time until I hit 5k. I’ve been told about an improvers course locally with a group so Kay do that but I’m not used to running with other people. I’m enjoying running at my own pace.

Well done and that’s an impressive distance 👍

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Brilliant, you are my heroine with your early runs, well done TJM.

Well done you, and an early start too :-) legs aching? Hopefully a good sign. When they start to hurt - usually not so good lol! Main thing is, are you enjoying it now?

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Well my legs were feeling good before the run, aching at the end. They feel fine again today thanks to good stretching. Yes, enjoying it very much. Looking forward to week 8 next week

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