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Anyone else out there in the middle of week seven?!

Did my W7 run two this morning- this time during rush hour it seems I don't care about people seeing me wobbling away beetroot faced sweaty and gasping! Ran up the main shopping road, not a care in the world! At the start the first five minutes were really clunky, I found it hard to get enough air in my lungs , but between 5 mins and around 22 mins it wasn't so tough, ok it wasn't so easy either but I didn't think death was an imminent event. I was actually thinking I could run that extra five minutes but I can honestly say the last 60 seconds were done on pure gristle- I did speed up and give it welly and it flipping well took it out of me. I slowed down the second Laura said I could but with an enormous grin on my face!

YAY another one of these 25 min blasts left before I have to find an extra three minutes in the spare tank somewhere!

I know it is not about speed but last time I averaged 7.12/km today it was 6.52/km that is great to see such a change could it be to do with trying to look like a proper runner whilst out in the rush hour?!!

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That's a good time so no wonder The last 60 seconds were hard work.

Well done you.

Jules xx

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AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to Dunnja

Thanks Jules! Xx

Lead the way there! Yes! No need to be embarrassed about a glorious beetroot face; rather flaunt it, or keep it inside the "runner's capsule" that so often forms around us, and shuts out much of that outside stuff. It's great to see how much you're enjoying this, even though the enjoyment is sometimes an odd kind, mixed in with some anguish and longing to be anywhere else. But isn't it great when the grin breaks out?

Your time is pretty good, too. You might as well enjoy that as well. And I suppose it might have been helped along by being out in public like that. I suppose the thing to do with that is just to use it to help things along. Make friends with the rush hour like you make friends with hills.

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AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to gary_bart

Thanks Gary- it is an odd enjoyment- when a run is just completed I'm not thinking 'oh my god never again' but ' wow! Did it! Do I really have to not run tomorrow?! Can't wait for the next one!'... That does wear off as those N-Dolphins calm down though, and the ageing joints start to chirp up 😄

Yes, the creaking does put a bit of a damper on things. :-) But fortunately the damper never lasts. I wonder whether it wasn't just endorphins that "fix" my sore bits whenever I run? But then, again, surely that's an endorsement from body inc. for just overruling pain like that?

I am also on week 7. I have to agree about the last minute being really tough. In my case, I think it was due to heat somewhat. By the way, you are much faster than me.

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AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to RunningForBroke

Hi RFB, I can't envy you the conditions you're coping with- keep going though it's an amazing feeling when that last minute ends isn't it! Maybe we will cross the virtual finish line together 😀

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RunningForBrokeGraduate in reply to AvatheGardener

Sounds like a good idea to me! Good luck!

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Well, being a proper runner now, you can run wherever and however you like.

Those are exactly the feelings I had, first 5 minutes horrible but after that, tough but doable. I wouldn't want to go on for longer but if I was being poked with a stick I would probably manage it.

It is the beginning of that feeling which will enable you to complete your next, slightly longer runs.

You may have to sacrifice the pace slightly to maintain the distance but don't let that phase you. It is a worthwhile pay-off and the pace will come back once those distances become manageable.

You may remember I was mortified that I may see someone I knew whilst out running, in those initial weeks. Now? Who cares. I will run anywhere. Isn't it great to have that weight fall from your shoulders?

In fact, thanks to you, I'm going to go get my kit on and do W9R1. I was umming and ahhing, so time to do it.

Two weeks to graduation, you can do it!

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AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to Idolitorus

Thanks you. Have a good one and enjoy that feeling of power! 😀

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Well done fellow W7 runner 🤗. I'm on R3 tomorrow so graduation looming🤗🤗.

Funny when you say about looking like a runner when other people are watching. I was jogging along quite steadily during R2 when I spotted my neighbour running (and I mean RUNNING!) towards me. I swear my speed almost doubled, my stride got longer and as we passed she said "looking good". She runs marathons, triathlons etc so I took that as a proper compliment, although she may have been referring to my outfit 🤔.

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