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I just completed wk 7r2 and it was so hard. I’m struggling to keep the program up. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s hot and humid here (I’m in Queensland) or if my body is just not managing it but it’s such a slog.


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Are you able to run at a cooler time of day?

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juliet2018 in reply to Oldfloss

I went at 6am and it was 27 degrees and humid 😐

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to juliet2018

Got to make it earlier then.. eeekkkk! I ran at 5, when I was in the Dordogne, a few years ago..it was warm..but I managed to find shade by the river... !

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I started this in an unusually hot uk summer... so maybe your unusually cool summer?! I ran late, I was out at 9 and 10pm as it was just as hot as early morning but my hydration was better.

You’re running 25 in that heat... I maybe hard, but you’re completing the runs, that’s pretty amazing. Maybe take an extra rest day so you hit the next with a bit more energy?

Maybe I’ll try late evening instead. Thanks.

I already had 2 days rest!

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Hydration, and as others have said, avoid the daytime heat, or could you retreat to the gym, at least for some of the runs. Maybe take the pressure off yourself and repeat some of the runs instead of struggling on striving for the next run and the next - it doesn't matter if it takes more than 9 weeks to complete the course.

I went through the whole 9 weeks at 30degrees (at best) this summer in Greece. My advice? Run in the evenings (before dark), drink water AND wet your hair beforehand.

Struggling means you might be going a bit too fast. Laura's words are imprinted in me: "slow and steady".

Well done on persevering! It is easy to just give up when it's hard but you have reached the final runs!!! Don't give up now. You are nearly there and should be so proud!

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juliet2018 in reply to Mayanow

Thanks! Good advice. Well done to you too!!

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I run after sunset before dinner. It seems to work for me though it is starting to get cooler here in Taiwan.

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How have you been up until this run? I found the entire W7 tough and struggled with all 3 runs. W8 has been better but I failed to complete R2 due to extreme tiredness and other factors but did it again yesterday and it was fine. Is a gym an option for a couple of runs? as the others have said, it doesn't matter how long it takes, you're nearly there.

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juliet2018 in reply to e-beanz

I’ve not been like that at all up until now. Good to hear that wk was better for you. I might try and find a gym.


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Obviously heat and humidity is going to affect performance but if you adjust your pace it should still be possible to complete a half hour workout.

The recommended pace for C25K is one at which you can speak full ungasping sentences as you run, as explained in the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Slow running builds stamina and gets you to the end of the run.

Keep going, you are doing great.

Does that mean I have to talk to myself to test out my speed?! Do they let you out of the mental hospital to go running?! 🤣

Sorry! Seriously though, thanks for your support. Much appreciated 😊

Fellow northern Aussie here - I'm in Darwin! I've just finished week 8 and the heat and humidity are really starting to hit me too. I go first thing in the morning, but there's not much you can do when the overnight low is 29°C at 80% humidity! Sorry no advice... just agreeing it sucks haha

Keep up the good work!!

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juliet2018 in reply to iemo

OMG! I thought I had it bad at 26 degrees!


You too.

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