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Just off to to do this - it might just be a late afternoon stroll by the river in the heat but I am going out whatever. Asked my husband if he wanted to join me. He said I was insane and disappeared into his garage. Nice bit of moral support there then! Ha ha

Bet my face will be pinker than my top.....

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Go for it! ;)

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It's taken 3 years for me to get my hubster to run so don't give up 🤣

I have just done that run and finished with a purple face. Far too warm but hey ho. It's done now. Good luck to you 🌞

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I'm leaving for W8R2 in about half an hour, I was hoping the heat would subside a little but no such luck, so I shall be taking water with me today and probably come home looking like a beetroot.

Good luck, keep cool and smash it!

Done! Yes! And face v pink

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helenwheels in reply to

Well done. Not insane but committed (geddit)

Was that picture taken today? If so am very jealous as it's been nothing but rain and clouds for the past 2 weeks in this corner of Scotland!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Returning2Run

Been glrious here in the Staffordshire Moorlands:)

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Yes this afternoon been glorious all day! Sorry! 😐

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Pink is one of the in shades.. well done on doing your run... :) x

I'm glad it was sunny for you all and keeping my fingers crossed some sun gets up north! :-) well done on the run

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