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That was a tough one ...longest 25 mins yet !

Zumba last night I think I need to take a day In between Zumba and running as it’s always really hard the following day.

But I did it ....not well ...but still !

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done you!!!! xx

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You got through it though and completed it, so you achieved. Well done 👍🏻

Well done ! Especially after your Zumba 😮

I’ve Finally accepted ‘doing it’ Is good enough 👌

Doing it well comes later 😂 hopefully not too much later🤣

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Zumba is intensive , more so than your C25K JOGGING I hope.

And it will have in impact on how your C25K outings will feel. Please bear that in mind.

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mezziejayGraduate in reply to John_W

I think I need to not count a day I do Zumba as a rest day! Really was tough this morning and I’m pretty sure it was because I did a class on which would have been my rest day

Gosh you’re slaying this with Zumba on the side as well..! 😃 you probably wouldn’t find it as tough with an extra rest day added, it definitely puts more of a spring in my step when I take one 😊

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mezziejayGraduate in reply to acountrycabbage

I’m going to not count a Zumba day as my rest day now , it’s a mad class really upbeat and fun but yeh that’s not really a rest day !!

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acountrycabbageGraduate in reply to mezziejay

Sounds like a lot of fun ☺️ Never considered myself coordinated enough to try a session..!

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But you did it 💪 👏

Can’t believe how you manage it with all the Zumba you do too. I just do walking and Yoga on my rest days, altho’ bizarrely when walking I know have to stop myself from breaking into a gentle jog 😂 whoever thought that would happen 🤷‍♀️

Have a rest and I’m sure you’ll cruise through R3.... and beyond 😊

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VPOLLIE67Graduate in reply to CazzaW

I totally agree with you Cazza. I find myself thinking surely a wee jog would be okay 😂😂 and then I wonder who is the idiot that’s taken over my mind hahahahaha.

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Got to admire your energy, Zumba and running! I felt tired just reading about it haha. You must be excited to nearly have finished week 7 🙂

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Wooohoooo!!! You are nearly there! Almost week 7 smashed!!!!

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Well done 👍🏻 I just finished mine this morning. The main thing is you completed and are building your stamina up 😊

Zumba & running! You’re a machine! 😊🦾

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