It seems to be working!!!!!

This time last week I completed wk1 run1 and I've got to admit after finding running for 60 seconds really tough I didn't think this programme was achievable for someone as unfit as me.

However, tonight I have done wk2 run1, don't get me wrong it was tough but I actually managed it without giving up once (although was tempted a couple of times) I am actually amazed, this time last week I dd not believe I would be able to up the running to 90 seconds.

Part the reason I'm still here is because of the fantastic support on this forum so thank you to all my new friends!!!! I love this club! And do you know what I think I might just be able to do this......


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8 Replies

  • wooop well done . keep being positive and believe in yr self. i have just done wk7 r3, and never in a million years wud i think i can run for 25 mins non stop.

  • Yes you will do it! It is an incredibly clever programme. We think we have reached our limit and then manage a bit more each week. Trust in Laura and all will be well. The support here is amazing isn't it! I have learned so much. I think most people find the programme tough, I did and I still find the runs tough but we are a tough bunch, us runners!! Keep in mind that a weeki ago you were still on the couch and now look at you! :)

  • Well done. I did mine today as well. We will be runners soon lol

  • It is (achievable) and you will (do it)! You'll have to hang tough, but you've already taken the hardest step...the first one out the door!

    Keep up the good work and enjoy!

  • I found the first run by far the worst and hardest of the whole programme, so your on the right track. Don't worry either when you get bitten by the bug cos once that happens you'll be as daft about running as the rest of us. :)

  • Keep with it, don't give up. Believe in the plan (it works) and yourself. Laura will tell you in a couple of weeks time that it is your mind that is the main barrier, not your body. So believe that you can do it, and you will.....

  • Well done nicola. I've just done my w1r1 today and didn't think I could go 60 seconds, let alone repeat it after only 90 seconds 'rest', but I did it. Very encouraged to hear about your week 2 success. It still feels a long way off to me, and my mind is shouting "you'll never do it", but maybe with this kind of support and determination I can find a way...

  • You can do it! You will amaze yourself each week with what you're able to do that you thought you never could. :)

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