Week 2 complete

Its amazing, this time last week I didn't think I could run for 90 seconds but I've just finished week 2......feeling very pleased with myself but totally dreading week 3, I really can't imagine being able to run for 3 minutes, found the 90 seconds tough enough! Should I repeat week 2 or try week 3 & if I can't manage then do week 2 again?

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually starting to enjoy my runs :-)


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  • There is no right or wrong answer to your question but does depend on how you feel. If I were you (as you've achieved w2) I'd give w3 a go. I bet you suprise yourself!!!

  • Give it a go. I failed a couple of times with the 3 minute runs but didnt go back to week 2, got some great advice here and made more of an effort to relax into it and OMG I can run 3 minutes. You can do it..

  • Sorry I wrote this comment not Missrip. She must have been logged on computer!!

  • You are doing brilliantly. I think as long as you take it easy (the main thing I loved about Laura was making me feel good about my slow pace, with her advice that an easy jog is all that's needed!) then you may pleasantly surprise yourself! The lovely thing about this programme though is that if you want to repeat week 2, or just do one more week 2 run, then you can do just that. You are still making progress.

  • I've just done W3R1 this morning, My last run W2R3 was a struggle and I ended it feeling like i'd given all I could, bright red, out of breath, feeling rotten. However, today I managed to run for 3 minutes (and the rest)! I had no idea how I'd manage to run twice as long, but I just slowed down a bit and set off at an easy pace and before I new it Laura was telling me I was half way through, it was a bit of a struggle towards the end of the runs but no worse than last week. Just take it easy and you'll make it too. I thought to myself that even although it was longer runs this week, in total it's still 9 minutes - same as week 2. good luck!

  • Thanks guys, the support in here is fantastic & really gives the motivation to keep going!! Ellerunner, well done on completing W3R1......altho I think if I go much slower I'll be walking :-)

  • Every week i thought the runs would be beyond me as im overweight and nearly 60. But slow and steady was my motto and so far managed every run (slow jog). Now up to W7r2 and feeling very proud of my progress . So keep going you can do it and the feeling of achievement will spur you .

  • Your're doing so well MindyM and, since you've done every week so far, I bet you manage week 3. If you really don't want to slow down your running pace, can you increase your walking speed because the walks are a great help for building stamina? Perhaps you can add a walk to your "rest" days too so that you are getting used to a faster walking pace. It makes a big difference to the run and gives you confidence. Keep on going and let us know next week how you managed wk3! :)

  • I'm due to begin W3 tomorrow too Mindy - I'm a bit apprehensive about the 3 minute run, seems like a big jump. Thanks for all the tips, I'll be sure to take it slowly (don't think I'll have much choice . Great tip to have a fast walk on rest days too, I've been doing that so hopefully it'll help.

  • Thanks again everyone, after reading all the posts I'm actually feeling positive about W3 rather than dreading it! I've woken up with a cold and sore throat today, thankfully its my rest day, fingers crossed I'm better tomorrow the last thing I want to do is fail because I'm not feeling great!!

  • Began my first week 3 today - actually found it easier than week 2 somehow, there's a good long 3 minute rest for each 3 minute run. Hope you are feeling better soon Mindy.

  • Well done on completing your run, I have to say I'm looking forward to the 3 minute rest !! :-)

  • I did week 3 run 1 yesterday. Although it wasn't easy, you do get a nice long rest after the 3 minute runs, and I also found thinking about the fact that there were only 4 runs in total throughout the session made things easier. I think the main thing is to make sure that you really get your breath back on the rest after the second 90 second run, so that you are ready for the final 3 minutes. I walked a bit slower than usual on that walk, but then made up for it with a very brisk walk at the end.

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