W9 R2 - Only one left to go!!

Right then I don't know what to say really. Another run done and only one left to go on C25K.

After the warm-up walk I found the first 2 1/2 minutes quite tough. I set off at a slow pace as I've learned to do now but that first bit is tough psychologically. After 5 minutes I settled down and manged to keep an even pace (I think) right through to the end and even picked up the pace for the last 60 seconds.

I've worked out that tonight I ran a distance of 4.15 kms during the 30 minutes running. So quite satisfied with that even though the total for my route is 5.25kms.

As I am coming to the end of the nine weeks I thought about what I have enjoyed about all this running. Firstly then I have enjoyed the challenge of each week. On starting the programme I thought: "60 seconds of running, well that'll be easy!!" How wrong was I about that. I was longing to be told to stop and walk. But obviously the people (or person) that designed this has really got it right. Secondly I learnt that if you got to the end of each week, and even if you are not feeling confident, you really are ready for the next step.It is all about trust. Thirdly I have learnt that I can push myself a bit more. I don't need to give up and that is really a first for me. Previously I was always ready to give up and drop a challenge. And lastly I have enjoyed the solitude of running with just me and my MP3 player for company.

So there it is. Ready now for Saturday and beyond!


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14 Replies

  • now that has flown by - I remember reading one of your blogs just when I was starting off - and now look at you, 1 last run and you've done it.

    I know what you mean about making through each week - I even have made a ritual of deleting the completed weeks off the phone (means I can't wimp out) - and then onto the next one.

    A massive well done - and hope you enjoy your Saturday.

    Happy Running

  • thanks for your comment. I only keep current week podcast on my MP3 player.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of C25K.

  • I'm right there with you - did Week 9 Run 2 last night, and cannot believe I've made it this far. The programme really is amazing. (But then, so are we!). Well done!

  • Here's hoping that your last run goes well.

  • Good luck for your graduation run on Saturday. Have the champers on ice for when you get back. It is a great achievement x

  • No champers for me. I'm just happy with a diet coke. Saturday will be a double celebration as it's our granddaughter's 2nd birthday as well.

  • I'll have yours as well then! ;-)

  • Enjoy the coke and happy birthday to the little one. You will have no problems chasing her round the par then! I will join TryingSoHard on the champers ;)

  • Well done! I'm doing week 9 run 3 on saturday too, must say I struggled a little with W9 R2 after finding W9 R1 quite enjoyable, funny how it can go like that sometimes isn't it? I'm hoping the last one is more enjoyable.

  • Good luck to you too

  • Hope you enjoy your last run of the programme. Check out the couch to 5k+ podcasts if you haven't already. I've had a go at two of them and they are really good - and a great "comfort blanket" if you think you might miss Laura! :)

  • Have already download to 5K+ to PC. However, I think I'll wait a while before using them.

  • Good luck for your run. Hope its a great one :-)

  • Fab and well done. I finished week 9 yesterday and pleased to hear that I don't have to drop Laura! Not sure what I'd have done without her. I too have never finished this type of programme before and given up. Yes you guys are right we are amazing. Enjoy you're continued running and birthday party.

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