Finished week 7

Just finished Week 7. Yeah!

My total 35:36 minutes included warm up/cool down walks. I did 3.8km at 9.15 minutes per km.

Taking the walking away, it works out to around 2.8km of running in 25:45 minutes. Close enough anyway.

With those three runs, I found my speed got better by a few seconds every time. This time it was actually 10 seconds. The most I ever had. It means a lot to me.

Because I could manage a boost of energy for the last minute, I should be able to do the extra 3 minutes of week 8. No worries, right?

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  • Hey good stuff ! You absolutely can do the extra 3 mins and then you'll be doing more and more. I started about a year ago and couldn't make my legs respond for the first 60sec run. Weds night I ran for 60minutes ! It's amazing. Keep going , you'll love it!

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  • Sounds very positive and you seem to be enjoying this which is the main thing, don't worry about speed and times....just do the work and you WILL do the next 3 and 5 minutes no problem at all. Enjoy :)

  • Thank you

  • Those seconds will add up, 10 seconds is pretty good! Well done xx

  • Yes, I see it that way. Thanks

  • definitely no worries, you are doing really well, keep at it :)

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  • Exactly! I'm currently doing week 7 and having Laura spurring me on at the end to see how much I've got 'left in the tank' really makes a difference. Very clever!

  • It is amazing when you think about it. Muscles feel sore, out of breath and suddenly for that last minute, it's all refreshed. Obviously all in the head!

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