Couch to 5K


Started W3R1 this morning. Everything was going really well - I'd suprised myself by breezing through the first 3 mins run - when Ouch! - something 'went' in my right calf leaving me barely able to walk. Had to abadon the rest of the session and crawl back to the car. Four hours later I'm just about able to put weight on it. Guess that's me finished for the rest of the week - Oh well, better luck next time!

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Ouch indeed! Try sitting with an icepack underneath and take ibuprofen. Ice it about three times a day. When you shower, direct the shower head on your calf on COLD. Iam a bit like an old record - this problem keeps coming up on here and I leap in with my stock reply! I had a very sore calf for about three weeks. MAybe slow down a bit too. Hope this helps :)


Commisserations ...we're "off" running together for the same reason ... for me its second time around ... I'm going to give my calf at least a week to sort itself out (with icing/ibuprofen and arnica) and then listen to it when it complains. First time around the stabbing pain came out of the blue, second time around I could feel it getting tighter and tighter but tried to ignore the warning. BIG mistake.


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