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Ouch! Run 1

I have never been able to run, I seem to get out of breath so quickly and just can’t do it. But started Spin classes 2 weeks ago and have enjoyed them and started eating well too.

Someone mentioned Couch to 5k and thought I would give it a go. As I would love to be one of those people that enjoys running and if it can give me some head space then great.

So first run Friday afternoon. Dragged hubby and son out with me (accomplished marathon runner) and I made it!

But yesterday and today my legs have been agony! (Today more so I think) Struggle to get up the stairs 😬 I did Spin yesterday morn too and don’t think I should have.

Today’s supposed to be a run day but Do I just listen to my body and give myself more rest days or should I push through the pain and go out again?

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Listen to your body! My friend does 2 rest days between runs & has no problems. Run & spin might have been too much too soon!


Rest days are essential! Otherwise you will burn yourself out, be prone to injury and eventually you’ll give up and that would be a shame. Pace yourself,slow and steady and give yourself rest days in between your runs and spins.😀😀 keep going though as you will get there!

Happy running!



The programme and builds gradually and although we recommend other non impact exercise on rest days, you may find you are doing too much at once, so extra rest days would be a good idea.

Stretching after your run may help alleviate some aches.

Read the guide to the plan which should answer many of your questions

Keep us posted.

Enjoy your journey.


Check out the info here...lots of good advice:)

Plenty of warming up and taking it really slowly and steadily... please make sure you stretch after every single run too:)

IannodaTruffe had given you the advice too:)


Thanks all. I didn’t stretch afterwards, schoolboy error. I plan to go again Wednesday 😊


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