This injury couch must be catching, I went out this morning and must have been day dreaming as I never saw the pot hole and over I went. Good job I wasn't being marked for artistic interpretation or style as I don't think you can mark that low! 😊 Must have been taken out by a sniper as it took me by surprise and there's me thinking I was sure footed! Good job there was no-one around as I would have felt a right plonker! 😊 What has annoyed me is it looks like I won't be able to finish Jantastic for March as my right knee is cut and swollen along with my right elbow. I have been lucky until now so I suppose it was inevitable that something would happen sooner or later. time to chill out on the sofa!

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  • Aw sorry to hear that , that mustve been such a shock for you . Plenty of us on the IC , but we can squeeze you in , not a problem.

    Heres a cuppa tea and a biscuit, Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thanks PP; thankfully there's a friendly IC on offer with tea and biccies thrown in! Must learn to land softer or wear knee pads in future, he he! 😊

  • Get the Savlon and frozen peas into action!

    Hope your IC stay is comfy but short.

  • Thanks Dunder, ice is nice, and I have manage to squeeze onto the Injury couch.

  • Thankyou Kitty, as long as the knee goes down things will be ok.

  • Oh no, what's happening, all these people suddenly flinging themselves about, hope you recover soon, take care of yourself. It amazed me how fast I went down when I fell over!


  • Thanks Madge, the way I went through the air I thought

  • Sorry finger trouble, I was about to say I must have looked like a practising Ninja turtle and not a very elegant one at that. More careful in future.

  • Sounds painful, but you may be OK. I've been over a couple of times and skinned knees and hands, but have been fine to run 2 days later though could not wear short skirts for a while! Take care out there.

  • Thankyou catch, I will be out and about as soon as the swelling goes down and I probably won't wear a short skirt either. He he 😊

  • Oh you'll be fine. A few cuts and bruises mark you out as a runner. We all do it at some point. i bet you'll be good to go by the time your next run is due

  • Thanks misswobble my next run is Friday, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Hope all's well in a day or two. In the meantime, there's always room for one more on the injury couch, especially if you bring cake with you ;)

  • Thankyou AM, will fresh cream cakes do? 😊

  • Definitely :)

  • Ouch NTJ! We don't bounce like we used to. Hope you won't need the IC for long 😞

  • Thankyou Ullyrunner, correct we certainly done bounce. Might have been better if I landed head first that's soft, he he. 😊 But the IC sounds inviting with tea, biscuits and cake.

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