Couch to 5K

Ooh ouch ooh ouch...... Stupid boy!

well it had to happen at some point I guess where I go and push it too far....

I think my Sunday 10k + speed again on Tuesday have finally caught up with me and my shins have finally said no, you have to stop we're not doing this one tonight..... Managed 25 mins, so almost there, just not complete!

Have been reading Jeff Galloway and the golden rule is not to push through if you think there is something wrong, well, these weren't just niggling, they were on fire and I just couldn't do it.....

So chin up, i'll rest, enjoy a BBQ weekend, gentile cycling and some more stretching and see where I get to on Sunday.

Just have to block this one off the plan.

Happy running everyone.

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Try putting ice on those sore shins! I was given a compression sleeve to use the first time I developed shin pain and it had to use it recently again, but I now know the shin pain comes along because my shoes needed replacing.

Enjoy your BBQ


Thanks, a cold bath helped too. think its just overworked muscles so hopefully back on the towpath next week.


I've after a run ( our freezer is broken so I use cold carrots that I roll up and down and that works). That and a good stretch and warm down walk.

Hope they are feeling better?


Good tip thanks, are the carrots to match the headband I wonder....

I've been stretching for longer this last week, even on rest days just to make sure that I was pain free...... Oh well. They're not too bad tonight.

Will have to go get some carrots just for running now.


Yes get the carrots they are actually very effective


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