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Just started

Started running two weeks ago but without c25K had bad chin splints, and felt crap most of the time.

Did day 1 today with c25K had chin splints but followed instructions and managed to run them off.

Finishd the full run and felt great, and was very pleased with myself.

Legs ached a bit but a good ache, cant wait for next run.

New Saucony running shoes, c25K in my ear, the only thing stopping me is me.

Will keep updates going, read all of ther comments and find them very supportive,

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Well done! The hardest part is geting out there, but somehow the podcasts make you want to keep doing it :)

Keep up the good work, come on here and share your runs and take the support from the community.

Remember to pace yourself and take the rest days though and stretch well after your runs. Good luck with the program :)


Well done. With perseverance, trust in Laura and regular visits here, you will be on week 9 before you know it.


I finished week 1 last week. This is a very fun programme and there's lots of support to be found here. Keep up the good work!


Thanks everyone for the possitive comments, keep you updated.



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