Couch to 5K

Started week 4

It's strange how week four seemed so far away on that first evening I took to the pavement and now it seems to have come around so quickly and I have come so far. Running for 16 minutes!

I managed the entire session without stopping, though I must admit the first 3 minute run was the hardest and made me wonder whether I could complete it.

The question I have is about aches and pains. I realise that exercising for the first time in forever is going to make me ache etc. but this run really got quite uncomfortable.

I wasn't out of breath but my legs felt quite heavy and most of all, the area at the front of my ankles (the muscles/tendons?) that pull your feet up as you run, became uncomfortable.

I don't think these pains were shin splints as a Google search makes it seem they are located higher up. These were in the front crook of my ankle.

I don't think I was over-doing it on the speed, I was going quite gently. Will this improve over time? Am I doing anything wrong/incorrectly. Is it a gait thing? Am I just tense and need to relax?

I do stretch after the run but maybe I should look at stretches which target that area prior to going out.

The earlier weeks I was struggling with the running but aches wise it was not too bad, now the running seems OK but I am getting these aches - I hesitate to call them pains as they ceased as soon as I stopped running and started walking. I don't want to get put off these latter stages by something that will either correct itself or can be alleviated.

Any advice and experiences would be very welcome 8-)

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I can't give advice as to your specific issue but I just wanted to say I am having similar aches and pains in Week 4, having been largely fine up til now. My knees hurt after W4R1 and the back of my left ankle (Achilles' tendon I think?) after R2 & now again in R3.

Part of me thinks that there is an element of this week having been quite a step up in terms of running time and it's just about those areas getting used to the impact. My knees were OK again by R3 (had to be careful how I rested immediately after R2 - propped a pillow under them which helped keep them loose, and didn't stay in one position on the sofa for too long!) and I think my ankle would have been fine if I'd given myself a couple of extra days' rest (but I'm too eager to keep going with the programme!)

Just wanted to let you know I'm in exactly the same boat; I hope both our pains improve! Congratulations on getting to Week 4 - I agree it feels great :)


Thank you.

I am wondering the same - W4 seems to be a small but significant step up in the running stakes. It probably is this increase in work, my body is saying 'Whoa up lad, your not twenty anymore!' I am toying with the idea of having gait analysis if I can find somewhere local that does it.


I've had gait analysis done once already in a running shop but I think I might need it done again as I think a few weeks in and my gait has changed slightly! Or might see a physio if things don't iron out.


The one bit of advice I would give is make sure you do plenty of stretches before you turn on your pod cast and after you finish, they are so important.


Thank you. I have been doing them after - having seen lots of advice from other posters but I haven't been doing them prior to going out. Up until now it has not been a problem. I think it's time to start listening!


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