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Just getting started! Anxious!!


So today is the day I begin the C25K. After years of being on and off with my running and having ZERO motivation I have decided to give this a good go. I have always been the "lazy" one out of my family/friends and have always been negative about exercise but after stepping on the scales at the beginning of the year I decided now was the time to change that!

I've left it a while to try and lose some weight before starting to run, so 1.5st down now is the time. I've brought my running gear to work to go for W1R1 whilst on my lunch break as I'm up and out of the house early and don't get in until late. I'm so anxious about being out there and people seeing me run, all out of breath and sweaty (silly, I know!) so I'm trying really hard to push myself to do this today.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated, how do you deal with self-consciousness when running? What gets you motivated?

Here we go!!

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I used to get motivated by the thought of how good I'll feel after.

Forget anyone else out there. They're in their own little bubble, they probably won't remember you even if they do see you.

What anyone else thinks is their problem!!

You go for it 👍😁


Just do it, you'll be fine! :)

Have you had your run yet Hoop?

Remember you are doing this for you, its fun, and although not easy it is doable. You will have your headphones on, can have music playing with the app, your coach will tell you when to run and when to walk, so you will be too busy to notice other people.

They will just see another person out for a run, either wish it was them, or think good on you for getting fitter...

You will feel amazing afterwards, and looking forward to doing it again!

Let us know how you get on😊xx

You already got fantastic motivation, thats why you are doing what you are doing.


When you walk or run in the open, you are already motivating / inspiring hundreds of people who watch you. Wave at someone, smile at someone, enjoy the sweat and the grime.

You are on a great path, keep moving, keep walking, keep jogging, keep running! There is always someone who would look at you and say "I wish I could be like that" :)

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the lovely messages, it definitely made a difference! I've been out and managed to do all of the running bits which I didn't think I would and I didn't even feel too self-conscious, which is a first! I tried to take your advice and just focused on myself and my running and I feel really good that I've managed to push myself out and do it :) so thank you again Dt_RiyazKhan_Hyd Bluebirdrunner GoGo_JoJo SuperMouse !!

GoGo_JoJoModerator in reply to Hoop18

Good for you! Hold onto that good feeling, it just gets better 👍😁

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Hoop18

Yeah! Well done Hoop, thats brilliant😊

Good luck next time!😊x


Anyone who judges you negatively for being a beginner runner has plenty of problems of their own! Runners are more likely to give you an encouraging smile as they remember how and when they started running. And every time I'm out and about and see people running, it generally makes me want to go for a run too, even when it's not a running day, or I'm going between work meetings. Envy is my response, not criticism. So hold on to that thought ;)


Fab, you have started the ball rolling, hard isn't it, but you will feel great when you have done your first session, don't worry about others, they will probably look in admiration and wish they had the motivation!

Well done Hoop18 you got out and did it and we’ll let you into a little known secret - most people don’t even see runners, as they are too busy with their own lives, mobile phones, parking the car, worrying about the kids, the dog their grans...etc., etc., etc.,

You’ve just completed the hardest one btw and it is the hardest because getting the motivation to go out and do it and not just talk about doing it is a tough thing.

Well done and happy running

Well done Hoop18!

I just completed w1r1 too but on my treadmill at home in front of window with "onlookers. Stuff em! I've finally got my butt off the couch and ignored my own excuses. Feeling great! Hope you do too.


Don’t worry about other people. I found running with a friend helped to keep the motivation

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