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Just 3 runs to Graduation!

The new running shoes I ordered were ready for collection on Saturday morning!

Last week I'd been into my local running shop and had a gait analysis and ankle strength tests done, then tried on arount 10 pairs of shoes before finally deciding on my favourites. I needed the wide fit though, so they had to be specially ordered. All week I'd been on the edge of my seat, keenly anticipating my first run in my new shoes. Colleagues had told me I'd feel really "bouncy" in them, and it was like waiting for Christmas.

Imagine my utter devastation in finding that they were too tight! :(

I ordered a bigger size, and left the shop with my chin on my chest. Had to do my W8R3 in my "old" shoes - which, to be fair, have served me very well since I started C25K. So week 8 is done, I start my 30-minute runs tomorrow (in my old shoes) and aim to do my Graduation run at Parkrun on Saturday morning - in my new shoes if the gods are smiling down on me!

Week 9 - who'd have thought it??!! :)

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I have 5 runs, what we gonna do? Feels like leaving home LOL! Could do parkrun, run towards 3 x 5k a week, maybe even train for 10k? Julie

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Sorry to hear about your delayed shoes- boo 😕

But hey, they will be like a present for graduating! I've got one last W8 to go then W9 and might treat myself to new trail shoes- if I could only make up my mind which ones.... Anyone recommend a good shop for trail shoes? 👣


Woohoo! I've got three runs to go too, exciting isn't it! Hope you get your new shoes on :-)

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that's a bugga , sincerely hope you get your new shoes in time , if it anywhere like when I got mine ,wow they will certainly make a difference.

Really well done on reaching week 9 and parkrun will be a great way to graduate :D

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I am feeling a bit sad about nearing completion of the plan. Is there something to move on to that will help me get to a regular 5K run?

I'll keep you posted on the shoes!! :)


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