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New runner advice please

Hi everyone,

Started the C25K 5 weeks ago and after week 2 had throbbing shin splints. I’ve watched every YouTube channel there is about shin splints and I’ve been resting. I’ve started doing stretches with a aerobic band to Strengthen my anterior muscles. Went to runners need and got gait

Analysis done. Bought new running shoes and started the programme again yesterday. Shin splints are now back again. I ran to fast last time so I ran slow yesterday and made sure I wasn’t heel striking. Is this just a strength issue? Do I need to just run through them?

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I use compression socks when I run which reduces the pain in the shin.

I got mine from sport direct. Cheap and cheerful


I’ll take a look. Thank you 😊


My heel twinge came and went the first week, so I slowed down to barely moving and it seems to have faded. I'm just happy to get my heart going. Why not rest for two days between runs until you heal? There is no rush.


I’m just confused I guess because I’ve seen comments saying to just carry on running through them and

Others saying you need to completely rest. I want to get moving and don’t want to feel like I’m going to fail every time I start again and the pain is still there but

I also don’t want to injure myself to the point I have to take months off.


There’s a few things you can do, ultimately rest is the best way of getting rid of them, but that sort of ruins the effect of C25K.

Make sure you use the rest days and try to get at least 2 consecutive non running days in a week. RICE is useful especially after the runs. Perhaps change where you are running and move to a surface with less of an impact like grass or a treadmill. You could repeat a couple of the earlier weeks which will help the body condition itself more for that type of activity.

Anti-inflammatories can help ease the discomfort, but they aren’t a long term cure.

I used to suffer from shin-splints badly when I first started running, but now I don’t, I suspect this is down to the fact that my feet ankles and legs are now accustomed to the effort and impact that running has on them.

They do go, so don’t become too disheartened, you can now boast that you have an athletic injury!!!!


It is so frustrating when an injury sets us back.

A few weeks ago I took a week out of the program to rest sore ankles. I was struggling to recover from the long distance runs quickly enough before the next one. This was despite gait analysis, new running shoes and Japanese slow jogging. After advice from my physio-Pilates instructor I realised I had overtrained and I put strengthening cross training exercises in to my plan. I now do run - rest - cross training - rest - run etc. It’s working for me and has made a huge difference to how my legs feel.

Do think about the surfaces you run on. Woodland tracks or trails are much more forgiving than the impact of tarmac and pavements. That could be all the change you need.

In the meantime continue with RICE. Hope things improve for you soon.


Thanks for everyone’s help and advice. With icing does anyone have an idea of how long this should be for and do you do it as soon as you get back off a run?


I must of been lucky as I only ever suffered early on from tight calf muscles that felt like I had cramp full time. I did the resting I also got told I needed potassium so started on a regime of banana eating two or three a day, loads of fluids and purchased a foam roller from Aldi this all helped resolve my issues and assisted me to complete C25K in nine weeks graduating the day after my 58th Birthday. Good luck Jmcgrath251288 sure you will do it.


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching and links to the NHS Sports injuries page.

You may find this helpful too

If this persists consult your GP or physio.

Enjoy your journey


I had them on my 1st run and changed my transition speed from running to recovery walk to a more gradual change. They have not been back yet and I finished W3R2 today


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